How to connect a signal through a relay ?

How to connect a signal through a relay ?

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How to connect a signal through a relay?

signal Connection via relay solves the many problems, chief among them - the electrolysis of wires due to unfavorable vehicle operating conditions (dirt, moisture).

What is needed?

Analyzing how to connect a signal through a relay, in the beginning it is necessary to stock up on everything you need.In this case, you will need:

  1. wire (maximum length - half a meter).
  2. set of terminals: 4 pcs."Mama";1 PC."dad".
  3. set for soldering.
  4. relay.
  5. Horn.


sound gathering all the necessary elements, but now you can go to the main action - connection.

  1. first move, how to connect a signal via relay: Remove the "-" terminal of the battery.
  2. Next you need to remove the audio signal, and in its place establish a relay.
  3. Options wiring
    • on "+" wire that connects an audio signal is set so-called "leech".Shall be connected to a wire length of about 15 cm to the terminals "daddy" - "mother";
    • If you can not establish a "leech", you can clean up the positive lead, then soldered to it a piece of wire to the terminal "mother".Place spikes need to be sealed with adhesive tape or pre-shrink clad.
  4. Next wire "+" should be connected to the relay.To this end, 86 th and 30 th pins that can be connected to the newly formed bone.
  5. Come on, figuring how to connect a signal to the WHA or any other vehicle.Now you need to connect to the relay remains negative cable.To do this, use a 85-second contact.
  6. In the remaining 87 minutes the relay contact is connected a beep.
  7. Last step: put on "-" on the battery.

air signal connection

If you do not connect the electrical and air horn, the order of connection is virtually the same as described above.The difference is that the wire from the relay does not go to the audio signal itself, but in the compressor (motor, which supplies air to the signal).And on to the compressor through a tube connected pipes pressure signal.

Pressing the horn air from the compressor is supplied to the pipes.Using membrane mounted therein and an audio signal is obtained.

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