How to connect the alarm to the castle ?

How to connect the alarm to the castle ?

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How to connect the alarm to the castle?

process of connecting the alarm to the central lock of the car is quite complicated.It requires the full attention of motorists and requires a minimum of knowledge in electrical engineering.If you decide to install a car alarm and best protect your vehicle, the central lock without you can not do.

How to connect the alarm to lock the car?

first step is to determine what type of connection to the CL (central lock) the car used in the acquired alarm you.To do this, locate the instructions and watch the marked wires to the castle.They can be used to reverse polarity, supplying a positive or negative pulse.In addition, they may differ and types of CZ.The most ideal option would be fully in line signaling pulse and equipment car, it makes it as easy to configure alarms.

signaling connection to the lock controlled by a negative pulse:

  1. is the central lock control relay (it can be located in the driver's door or under the dashboard);
  2. With the probe is applied to one of its inputs less, if the lock is activated - you found it;
  3. Solder wires to the switch from the alarm (if it is applied to the output negative, otherwise you need an additional relay or transistors to change the wiring diagram).
  4. After that, an attacker would have to sweat in order to turn off the alarm.

connection signaling to the castle, the controlled positive momentum:

  1. Looking relay central locking system, as in the previous version, and when found - applied to the input "+" instead of "-";
  2. If the lock is open - you have found the right switch;
  3. now soldered to the contacts alarm (if it is a positive output on CH otherwise collect circuit of the transistors).

To connect to the system using alternating polarity, alarm system must be equipped with an additional unit to work with the power wiring.After installation, you must configure the autostart on alarm for a trouble-free future use.