How to connect the starter ?

How to connect the starter ?

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How to connect the starter?

Normal start the car engine is not possible without an established system startup, and if properly connect the battery (battery), it easily gives a signal to the starter.From this article you will learn how to connect the starter in the car, or rather, how to connect the traction relay independently.

Connecting the relay to the starter

So, the first thing you need to make sure whether you have the tools: the battery, the probe element and the engine starting system.motor starting system and is operated by the following components: battery, starter, relay, wires, switches and the ignition locking system startup.

Now let's see what happens when you start the car.When you turn the key in the ignition, the voltage from the battery passes through the starter, then there is a shift switch, the drive gear is connected to the flywheel, the contacts are closed, and the engine starts.

order so that you can adjust the system, you must disconnect the wire from the relay coil voltage (as "M" denotes the output).Then disconnect the battery (the one that is designed for 12V), connect it with the conclusion of "M" and "the S" (this designation, you'll see at the terminals).After the done action you will shift the pinion.To connect the relay to the starter, you need to make the inspection probe gap between the gear and the abutment.If necessary, you can make adjustment spacers between the relay and the drive by removing or properly install it.

Useful articles and diagrams

learn how to do a background check of a starter, you will be able to learn from our article How to check the starter.To check the relay coil must be connected to the starter all the elements of the standard scheme.

before you place the connection, first disconnect the voltage of the winding wire (disconnected from the output to the "M" designation).If everything is in order, a gear shift to the desired position.If you have any questions on repair, we offer to visit our wonderful section with articles Repair car.