How to connect windows ?

How to connect windows ?

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How to connect windows?

Not all car owners want to seek professional help, preferring to do something for the machines with their own hands.From this article you will learn how to connect your own windows.

Connect windows

So, the first thing you need in the cabin to remove the two self-tapping screws with safety block.Try to be very careful to move it down by a torpedo.Then turn it over and look for the red wire (it is usually the thickest of all, and it is always a +).

The front panel of the unit must be connected by a plus windows (can be connected through a fuse 20 A).And there is one small detail: you can break the old safety lever and use it to connect the contact (so-called "legs").On the plus

understood, now should be attached to the body minus (which is convenient).Next install windows button: it is necessary to drill 3 holes on the opposite side and install button.Just do not forget to properly tighten all screws.

Connect windows

button Look at your button on it should be 5 contacts:

  1. + 12V
  2. 1st wire window
  3. + 12V
  4. 4th contact is not available
  5. 2nd wire fromwindow
  6. Weight

from personal experience advise you to attach audio from + on the first contact window button.The thing is that the wire is hardly anyone uses, and because it comes + 12V when the ignition of the car.Next

can silicone grease to process the door seals.After all the above steps done, you can check the operation of windows.We also add that on some vehicles, there may be minor differences in the wiring diagram and the advice here is - look, where some contacts are on the button Connection windows.

We hope our guide will help you to connect with your car windows.We also offer you to read another article on the overall theme of the car device.

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