How to connect the amplifier to the car?

How to connect the amplifier to the car?

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How to connect the amplifier to the car?

Many car owners are not averse to improve the sound in your car.The amplifier helps to achieve pure sound of music, regardless of volume.To connect to an amplifier, you can contact the experts in car repair shop, or put the device by following the instructions.

How to connect the amplifier to the car alone

first step is to choose where to install the device.Normally, put the amplifier in the trunk.However, the location, you can choose absolutely any.The main thing that it was dry and without temperature changes.

After fastening the device need to lay wires, connect the speaker system and lead sounds.

Connecting the supply cable

most common wiring diagram - directly to the battery of the machine.Consequently, the positive cable is put through the engine compartment and passes through the interior of the vehicle.This cable is necessarily protected by a fuse, which is placed in close proximity to the battery.

Furthermore, additional cable insulation is required (as a variant, the insulation is made using cutting flutes).

sure that the cable does not come into contact with metal parts.Pass the cable through the engine compartment can be through a special hole for the wire or by means of a special adapter.

Stacking cable in the cabin, make sure that he was not squashed by the wheel, pedals, seats and other parts of the car.

then wire must be connected to the positive terminal of the car amplifier.The negative terminal is connected to the body of the machine an additional cable.

If possible, put the car capacitor.The device serves as the energy storage and power corrects deficiencies.Positioning the condenser must be in close proximity to the amplifier, and connected in parallel Power Power devices.

Connecting signal cable

To connect the audio signal you want to adjust the sound transmission from the radio to the amplifier.

signal cable is connected to the corresponding output on the rear receiver with one hand, and on the other to the amplifier.Route the cables from the recorder to the amplifier through the casing of the machine.To avoid interference, ensure that the cable does not come into contact with power lines.

When installing two-channel amplifier is necessary to choose a two-channel signal cable.If the amplifier four-channel, it requires a two-channel signal cable or a quad.If the radio is a small number of slots, it is necessary to buy a special adapter-splitter.

Choose the power and signal cables are of high quality.Currently, in addition to purchased cables can be purchased and handmade.Price, of course, will be much higher, but the audio signal transmission is at the proper level.In addition to sound quality is not worth saving and the amplifier.

Connecting speaker

Connecting an amplifier and speakers by using the speaker cables.

If necessary, need to drill additional holes for the wires in the connector door.

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When connecting wires and cables, make sure that the equipment is switched off (radio, speaker system and amplifier).

must configure the buzzer After connecting all the wires.For this use controls located on the front wall of the booster.

It is worth noting that if you connect the amplifier to the modern model of the car, it can be difficult.Therefore, if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to consult a specialist.

Carefully read the operating instructions of the amplifier and do not forget about safety when working with wires.