How to connect a hitch ?

How to connect a hitch ?

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How to connect the hitch?

knowledge on how to connect a tow hitch, can be useful to motorists, who planned to acquire and successfully use a trailer.On this and talk in our article.

Connectivity tow bar to the trailer

main problem when connecting the tow bar - this is the correct commutation wiring.Often there is confusion when trying to self connection.Use our instructions:

  1. First, arm yourself with the wiring diagram of your car's exterior lighting.
  2. If your car is equipped with a 7-pin towbar, the use of such a scheme:
    • L-signal, connect to the left turning lights;
    • 54G-signal connect to 12V power source (battery) to the positive terminal;
    • 31 signal connect to the mass, negative charge (attached to the body of the vehicle);
    • R-signal to connect to the right-hand turning lights;
    • 58R-signal to connect to the right position lamps and lighting license plate;
    • 54 signal connect to the brake lights;
    • 58L-connect the signal to the left position lamps.
  3. If your car is equipped with a 13-pin towbar, the color scheme should be read as follows:
    • Yellow - Left turning lights;
    • Blue - rear fog lights;
    • White - ground for contacts 1 to 8;
    • Green - right turning lights;
    • Brown - Left side lights and number plate lights;
    • Red - brake lights;
    • Black - Right side lights and number plate lights;
    • Pink - reversing lights;
    • Orange - 12V supply from the battery (positive charge);
    • Gray - 12B only in the presence of ignition (positive charge);
    • White and black color - ground contact under the number 10;
    • White-blue color - a signal wire;
    • White-orange color - ground contact at number 9.

In the case of sockets types of car and trailer do not match (for example, to the towbar mounted 7-pole system and the trailer 13-contact), then you need to purchase an adapter.It will connect the car and the trailer in the right way.

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