How to connect your lights ?

How to connect your lights ?

There are moments when the accident may be due to the standard head headlights.It is not always well they can illuminate the road ahead of the car, they interfere with torrential rain, fog, snow.In such a situation, it is necessary to think about the prevention of collisions and to establish or halogen fog lamps, which will serve as an additional source of light.


If you do not know how to connect the lights, do not worry.Let us first define the materials that this will be necessary: ​​

  • own lights,
  • two fuses,
  • wires,
  • switching relays,
  • Chock relays and fuses,
  • power button,
  • set of screwdrivers andkeys,
  • heat shrink tubing,
  • insulating tape,
  • shoe-clips to connect the wires in the circuit.

How to connect additional lights

  1. First select lights.Market auto shops offer a wide selection of products, but if your car has a full-time fixing of the headlamps, it is better to buy them.Be sure to clarify whether there is in this set with headlights certificate of conformity GOST.To avoid buying a separate relay, fuses and wiring, make sure they are included.
  2. Now that everything you need is already there, you can proceed directly to the installation itself headlights.If the bumper has a regular place, install the lights on them.In their absence, set the lights should be in accordance with the Technical Regulations, the purpose of which - the safety of vehicles and wheeled vehicles.

    Now we need to hold the wiring of headlights.Take one wire of each headlamp and screw them to any favorite places on the body.The remaining wire (two left them) in place of corrugated plastic.Along the standard wiring, and to partition the engine area, pull the corrugation after fixing it with plastic clamps.Carried out by the closer to the shield of fuses and relays in the passenger compartment.

  3. next stage - working in the cabin.See if there are sockets for fuses and relays.After two fuses, which are separately connect the wires of headlights.To exit at number 86 relay outputs must be attached to the fuse, which connect to this one.For the body of the machine, connect the output at number 87. By marking "+" connect the number 85. "+" - or a battery cable, or "+" contact №85.
  4. Finally, set the button to activate the new headlights.Remove the cap from the front panel, if it has space for buttons, for free-to-wire operation.We have buttons and LED terminals in which the display is activated, they must connect with the wiring of other buttons in parallel to connect the positive contact control.Exit button №2 with control contact connected to the output №30.Secure the wiring in place, turn on the ignition.All is ready!

How to connect fog lights

Materials: fog lights, relay block, wire, black electrical tape, screwdriver, cutting pliers, strip fuse 15-20A, clamps, flute, drill.

  1. Secure the lights in the bumper in special niches.Each light has a wire "+" and "-".One of them attach to the body, the other two - to the relay, inserted into the connector.Relay pull a torpedo in the cabin, and the wires from it to a button on / off headlights.
  2. wires lay in the corrugation and drag to the standard wiring clamps.

Hopefully, the article could help understand how to connect the fog lights.