How to connect the running lights ?

How to connect the running lights ?

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How to connect the running lights?

Selection of the market running lights today is enormous - as the saying goes, for every taste and color.In this article you will learn how to connect the running lights in the car on their own.In addition, we will tell you about the criteria for selection of the useful system for your car.

How to install navigation lights in accordance with GOST

order to independently perform this procedure, read the instructions carefully and follow the rules, otherwise the traffic police can give you a lot of problems.

should also be remembered that the installation of the navigation lights - is voluntary, as instead you can use the low beam or fog lights.Terms of installation of the system are described in detail in GOST R 41.48-2004, and they are quite simple.

installation instructions have to be packaged to the selected system, and if there is none, it is not necessary to purchase this product - he probably does not correspond to the declared quality or Russian and international standards.

Also included are special mounts for blocks.The installation of the navigation lights can not be described in general as it depends on many factors, such as the model running lights (of which hundreds of thousands), car make and individual design of the car.

That is why let's describe the basic rules of connection for the guests, and wiring diagram specific model running lights must be indicated by the manufacturer, and its presence speaks of a certain quality of the purchased system.But the rules of GOST following:

  • strictly forbidden to perform the installation of the navigation lights on trailers.
  • supplied necessarily includes 2 units.
  • installation is performed according to the instructions (diagram) of the manufacturer, in this case, this scheme does not have any particular restrictions in terms of legislation.
  • engine starting system to be activated automatically, and running lights should be switched off immediately when the dipped beam.
  • mandatory installation options are as follows: height (from the ground) should not exceed 150 cm, and the minimum distance can be 25 cm distance between the two units (right and left) should not be less than 60 cm If the vehicle width of less than 130 cm,..the distance can be reduced from 60 cm to 40 cm
  • location is always running lights in the front of the car, and the direction of the flow of light -. only forward.

Useful advice before buying

Before you buy be sure to consult with a specialist to indicate the brand of your car.Selecting a block form it is carried out taking into account the structure of the individual and the overall design of the bumper cars.The brightness of LEDs in a block may vary from 150 to 330 lumens.When selecting the size of navigation lights should be guided by attaching DRL units, while the installation can be performed in an air intake a bumper on your preferences and, of course, not forgetting the installation according to GOST rules.

Remember that road safety above all else, so follow the connection of the navigation lights in accordance with the requirements of the instructions or consult a specialist.Well, to expand the horizons for transport category we offer you our article car device.