How to change the generator ?

How to change the generator ?

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How to change the generator?

generator on the car is a compact machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical motor.This mechanism during operation of the engine produces a battery charging and nourishes all electric car.However, like in any other mechanism, the generator may occur.In this case, first check generator.If, after review, it appears that the generator is completely defective, it must be replaced.

Tools for the replacement of the generator on the car VAZ

Before you change the generator, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools.This work will require:

  • gloves to protect your hands;
  • set flare or carob keys 8, 13, 19;
  • ratchet wrench heads and at 8, 13 and 19;
  • extension cord with knob;
  • hammer;
  • pliers and flat-blade screwdriver (may not be necessary, but it's still better to cook);
  • permanent marker to mark the wires so as not to confuse the location of the assembly.

Now consider himself generator replacement process.

Procedure for dismantling the machine

  1. If engine dirty, before starting to dismantle all fasteners must be cleaned generator brush metal and wipe with a cloth.
  2. sure to disconnect the car and remove the terminals from the battery.
  3. Next, loosen and remove the belt tensioner drive.To do this, using the key by 19, rotating stem nut clockwise until completely loosen the belt.Then, unscrew the lower stem bolt and extract it.Remove the drive belt from the generator can be by hand or using a screwdriver.
  4. Before changing the generator must be disconnected all the wires.Turning off the plug with wire pre-excitation of the generator pad, which is attached by a plastic latch to the rear end.To do this, press your finger on the plastic connector clip and pull in the opposite direction.If the plug comes out bad, then help a screwdriver, podkovyrivaya plastic cover.Brushes do not need to be removed from the generator.
  5. Turning off the power cord leading to the battery.Remove the rubber protective cap with a key 13 unscrew the nut and remove the terminals.
  6. Twisted generator upper mounting nut.In order to disrupt the nut with a place, you must use the knob.Once the nut is loose, unscrew it using a ratchet.To remove the fixing bolt, gently enough to hit it with a hammer.Fully remove the bolt is not required.
  7. similar operations were carried out with the lower bolts.Here it is necessary to take into account that the lower bolt has a special sleeve and with its twisting, the nut on the back side can be scrolled.You must
    lock the sleeve nut or spanner and using a ratchet unscrew the bottom bolt, holding with one hand generator.
  8. take out the lower mounting bolt and carefully extract the alternator from the engine compartment.
  9. To install a new generator repeat the above steps in reverse order.
  10. Before you replace the alternator on a new, recommended upper bolt set as well as the bottom, hat to the back of the car.In some cases, it fails to remove the top bolt completely and it can be cut down with subsequent replacement by a new one.