How to change a cigarette lighter ?

How to change a cigarette lighter ?

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How to change the cigarette lighter?

For many motorists cigarette lighter is a necessary device, because the cigarette lighter in the car is necessary not only as a cigarette lighter - in addition to its use for that purpose is through the cigarette lighter socket is connected to thePower portable car refrigerator compressor, a TV, a road or a razor coffee maker, mobile phone charger.In the case of the cigarette lighter damage it must be disassembled and repaired.If the cigarette lighter is completely out of order, it must be replaced.Let's talk about how to change the cigarette lighter

Consider the repair or complete replacement of the car cigarette lighter in the car example VAZ 2106.

most common breakdowns cigarette lighter, as a result of which it does not operate, are:

  • blown fuse;
  • blown lighting bulb.

In these two cases, there is no need to change the whole cigarette lighter, it is only necessary to replace the faulty parts.

How to change the fuse cigarette lighter

All fuses that protect the electric car, assembled in two combined together blocks that are inside the vehicle on the left of the steering wheel and are located under the dashboard.

  1. Stop the engine, remove the ignition key, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.
  2. Open the fuse box.
  3. Remove the fuse that is responsible for the work of the cigarette lighter - is the fuse number 1, which is attached at the extreme left of the upper slot of the main unit.
  4. Clean the contacts in the landing nest and set it with a new, standard, 16-amp fuse.

How to change a light bulb into the cigarette lighter

replacement bulbs produce, with the engine and the battery disconnected.

  1. Remove the plastic panel located under the torpedo.In addition to the cigarette lighter, attach it to a button on the alarm and the lighting and fan switches.To do this, the console side, pry the screwdriver and gently push the retaining latch it.
  2. marker, mark wire, suitable for cigarette lighter, or sketch a diagram of connections.
  3. Disconnect.
  4. cigarette lighter housing holds the big nut - unscrew it.
  5. Remove the cigarette lighter from the housing cartridge socket.
  6. cigarette lighter body is mounted on the lamp housing - remove it by pushing it to its retaining latch.
  7. screwdriver slightly unclench lamp housing.
  8. Take the cartridge out of it together with the lamp inserted into it.
  9. Replace the bulb and reassemble the cigarette lighter in the reverse order

If replacing the lamp and the fuse has not helped, in order to restore normal operation of the cigarette lighter, it is necessary to change it completely.

How to change all the cigarette lighter in the car VAZ-2106

whole cigarette lighter change by acting in the same manner as in the backlight replacement.The only difference is that in the process of reassembly in the cigarette lighter body instead of the old and insert the new cartridge slot and vice versa does not change the lamp.

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