How to change the alternator belt ?

How to change the alternator belt ?

From time to time, every motorist is faced with the problem of how to change the alternator belt?There is the question if from under the hood with additional load begins to reach a characteristic whistle.Such loads include high beam headlights, including car, dipped headlights and so on.Some car models are equipped with a special indicator that shows that the generator is a big load.However, before the end can not trust this indicator in view of the fact that the belt tension may be poor.

Replacing alternator belt In most cars the alternator belt is located to the left of the engine, if you stand face to his "iron horse".Before the inspection, make sure that the motor is switched off and the ignition key is not located in the castle.After that, you should disable the ground cable and you are ready for inspection.

First of all, the motorist should carefully consider himself a belt, his appearance.Probably, it cracks, there are gaps.Perhaps bad belt tension.Before you proceed directly to the replacement, you need to look at the belt fastening.After then, the new belt will also have to install yourself.Some motorists at first draw of the generator belt layout, in order to subsequently mount it easily.In some car models, the alternator belt is tensioned special bolt.The other takes place the tension using a special rack.

To remove a generator belt, you must loosen the tension.To do this you will need a wrench, unscrew the bolt that the motorist, which is used to tension the belt (it should be remembered that the bolt can be turned out not to the end).After that, the old belt is removed, rather than its place is put a new one.It is necessary in reverse order to observe the same sequence as during dismantling.After the new belt is installed, bolt aid in its tension adjusted.Then, you must connect the terminal to the battery and start the engine.

To check it out on the spot on the generator can give a certain load, including lights and car.It is also recommended pogazovat.If the characteristic whistling reappears, it is necessary to work with the belt tension.In order to more fully learn how to change the alternator belt on techestvennyh and foreign cars can read the following articles:

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