How to change a light bulb in the spotlight ?

How to change a light bulb in the spotlight ?

lamp in the automobile headlamp, like any other, has the ability to fail, simply burn out.In order not to run to the nearest service station, especially if you need to go at night, you need to know how to change a light bulb in the spotlight alone.

Preparation Make sure that the car ignition is switched off.Stop the engine, remove the key, unplug all the appliances.You also need to prepare the correct size screwdriver and keys.Some makes and models of cars tend to have a hatch on the wing of the car.Thanks to him, you can get to the lights without any problems.But it may not be.From its presence or absence will depend on how to replace the bulb.So before you think about how to change a light bulb in the lamp, so decide whether there is a hatch in your car.If the hatch is not, it will be replaced through the hood.

Replacing bulbs through the hood

First, open the hood, find the plug.It should be located almost in the center of the engine compartment.Now you need to remove it.This can be done, and his hands, if you have free access (pulls out a hand).If not, you need to get rid of the obstructions.This may be a battery, and can be something else.In any case, this item should be either completely remove or move.

If you are released and the place can unscrew the cap, it is necessary to remove the seal.To do this, you can simply pull the rubber side "handles".Now it is necessary to pull the plug out of the socket.In order to get to the bulb, you need to remove the clip.Turn it up until you hear a click.Access to the lamp is free, it is possible to carry out the replacement.

If you have a question on how to change a light bulb in a headlight, and you get to the plug could not, do the following.Take the prepared tools (screwdriver and wrench).Now, with their help, you need to remove the two screws that secure the headlamp.Then you need to turn off the spotlight from the mains by unplugging the cable.

Now you can get the spotlight.This should be done very carefully, because the clips that hold the lamp, very flimsy, they can easily break.So reach for slowly lifting up slightly.

When the light in your hands, you need to remove the cover to get to the bulb.And then all according to plan: the removal of the plug, the wire clamp and replaced most light bulbs.

Replacing bulbs through the hatch

If there is a hatch, the question on how to change a light bulb in the lamp, it becomes easy to decide.We must do the same procedures as in the case of removal of lights through the hood, but much less action.It should also disconnect the plug from the socket, then rotate the clip as far as you can.Do you have access to the spotlight.Remove burnt, put in its place a new bulb.Make sure the bulb to cool down well before replacing.