How to change a light bulb lighting rooms ?

How to change a light bulb lighting rooms ?

motorists are increasingly used instead of incandescent LED lighting license plate.It has also become fashionable to install additional lighting.In this article you will learn how to change a light bulb lighting car number and any kinds of lighting can be used

How to change a light bulb lighting rooms

LED lighting, despite the relatively high cost, different efficiency of energy consumption and can be used for a long time without furtherreplacement.Replace light plate as follows:

  1. Disassemble cover half (starting from the middle and use a thin screwdriver for this).
  2. Remove the regular light bulbs (carefully! Holder on the body is very easy to break).
  3. Install LED lamps.
  4. Degrease with solvent bowl and set it in place.Check room
  5. work LED lighting (if you did everything correctly, the number will be illuminated brightly enough).

Which lamps can be used to illuminate

independently set can only highlight the rear registration plate and use it only white light or pale yellow.It is also recommended to use LEDs with lenses - they are well illuminated room, which by law must be read clearly.

Despite the fact that commercially available lamps in bright yellow, blue, red, and other colors, to use many of them can not be legally.For non-compliance with the backlight of your car traffic police officer has the right to withdraw the license plate with the wrong LED lighting and take away your rights for a period of 1 year.

License plates must be clearly visible, so the backlight is only on the edges of numbers wrong - for it can be fined.

Features backlight installation

Consider as an example the installation of lighting on two different cars.

Replacement backlight Lada Priora

  1. Turn off caps lock fastening cladding and remove it.
  2. turn away a nut of fastening lining of the boot lid and remove the cover.
  3. Removing a cartridge with a lamp and remove it.
  4. Change the lamp and assemble it all back.

If the cartridge can not be removed, bend the plastic retainer and disconnect the connector with wires from the lighting lamp.This can happen if incandescent "floated" and clogged cartridge.

Replacement backlight Renault Logan

  1. Remove the plug from the accumulator.
  2. Push the lock room lamp and remove it from the bumper.
  3. Push to lock the lens in order to remove the bulb.
  4. Insert LED and assemble everything in reverse order.

So you can change a light bulb lighting rooms.This procedure is virtually the same on every car except for some subtleties.