How to change a light bulb stop signal ?

How to change a light bulb stop signal ?

car repair - is not easy, especially if you do not have the necessary experience, but do not apply the same on every trifle in auto repair.Many are wondering how to change a light bulb stop signal.How wide of a way to resolve this situation, we strongly recommend that you use the search engine on the internet, including in search option exact name of your car.After these results, perhaps, the best choice will be an open forum dedicated to this subject.That is, sites where car owners exchanging lessons learned, ask questions or just talk on various topics.In any case, the study of information located on these forums will not leave you in the loser.Perhaps, after reading various articles out there you resolve any issues.After the question: how to change a light bulb stop signal will not cause you a loss.In this article we will try to understand this sequence of uncomplicated action.

Let's start on a specific example.In our hands there are three things: awareness of the need replacement bulbs stop signal, viburnum and awareness in this area.

consider stages that we need to do to figure out how to change a light bulb stop signal:

  1. From the trunk find two holes, which are directed towards the lamp, that is sticking out of the salon around the outside.
  2. Take the handset key (here we need staff, but if it turned out that it is not available with you, we will need to go to the store and otovaritsya) and a party to put their eight-hole.They're trying to find a pin and a nut sitting on it.
  3. Try to unscrew the bottom and top, after already outside, pulls the side of the lamp, which will be closer to the center after the release of the pins from the holes.
  4. Next disconnect fee and change the lamp.

It is said that the new recommended bribe nuts, as the old will most likely be lost in the wing, and ideally can otovaritsya and lamp fixtures.

If you have a foreign model car, then maybe you should look not only at the Russian-language search engines.Try to go to \ and drive to the following: «how to replace the break light».If you speak a foreign language well enough, then there are no problems, otherwise, do not despair, there is always the opportunity to discover an illustration, whether a picture or video.In the most extreme case, you can try to ask for help foreigners in their native language.Who knows, maybe they will have professionals or amateurs, able to clarify the situation in different languages.