How to check the ignition coil ?

How to check the ignition coil ?

ignition coil is operated electronically, contact and contactless ignition systems.It is a transformer with two windings.Today there are several types of ignition coils: twin coil, general and individual.The total coil is used in contact and contactless systems.Also, with the electronic valve.

If you have any problems with the engine, and the reason for this is that the coil, before you check the ignition coil, refer to its design as it should.

ignition coil device

ignition coil has the following construction of the scheme.It combines two coils - primary and secondary.The first - contains from one hundred to one hundred and fifty turns of thick copper wire.To prevent short circuits and power surges wire is isolated.At the primary winding of a pair of low-voltage terminals on the cover of the coil itself.

At present the secondary winding from fifteen to thirty thousand turns of fine copper wire.This coil is located inside the primary.One end of the secondary winding is connected to the negative terminal of the primary winding.Other - is connected to the central terminal, located on the lid.This terminal provides a high voltage output.

In order to enhance the strength of the magnetic field windings disposed around the iron core.Along with it, they are placed in a housing which has an insulating cover.To prevent heating of the coil current is filled with transformer oil.

Now, knowing the coil device can deal with how to check the ignition coil.To do this, we need to study its characteristics, so as not to hurt their test device.


main characteristics of the coil - winding resistance, which is specific to each individual model.For example, the secondary resistance is about five to nine thousand. Ohms.A primary resistance - 3-3.5 ohms.If there is deviation of winding resistance from the assumed value, this may indicate a malfunction of the ignition coil.Work

coil based on occurrence of high voltage in the secondary winding during the current pulse with a low voltage on the primary winding.When current passes through the primary magnetic field is formed.It induces in the secondary winding of the high voltage current that can be output through the central terminal of the ignition coil.And then, with the help of the distributor of current is supplied to the spark plugs.

indvidualnoy coil

The electronic system of direct ignition coil is used individually.As in general, it includes primary and secondary windings.Only in this case, on the contrary, the primary of the secondary winding is located inside.Located around the secondary external core and inner core of the primary set.

should also be noted that some electronic components can be present in the ignition coil individually.With the tip, which includes a spring, a rod and a high voltage insulating sheath, high voltage that is generated in the secondary winding is fed directly to the spark plug.In the secondary winding taken to establish a high voltage diode.This is done to quickly cutting off the high voltage current.

Dual dvuhvyvodnaya or ignition coil is widely used in many electronic systems of direct ignition.In such a coil has a pair of high-voltage outputs, providing simultaneous receive a spark at the same time the two cylinders.Only one cylinder at this moment is located at the end of the compression stroke.The second cylinder spark idle reproduced on the exhaust stroke.

Dual coil may be connected in different ways to the spark plugs.The first type of connection - via high voltage wires.The second - at which one candle - with the help of high-voltage wires, and the second - directly through the tip.

coil Check of

If, for some reason, you feel that the work of the coil fails, read the how to check the serviceability of the ignition coil, and that it needs.

Please carefully inspect the ignition coil.Then, check the surface for dirt, leading to the departure to ground voltage.Then we need to carefully examine the body of the coil.If oil stains visible on the surface, this is a sign that the cover contains dirt.And the presence of dirt can lead to complete failure details.Next you need to check the wiring terminals.They must show no trace of rust or oxidation.

If there is contact ignition systems, coils serviceability can be checked by setting the central high-voltage wire at a distance of about 5-7 mm from the body of your car.If the image of a blue spark, it means that the ignition coil is working at the time of opening of the contacts.In case of breakage of the part will be a spark or a weak or non-existent.

Next, we need to measure winding resistance, as well as the coil insulation.It must match the values ​​that are listed for your type of car.Therefore, to check the functioning of the ignition coil, check the values ​​for your car (if any).If you do not have such data, the resistance of the primary winding must be about five ohms in the case where its voltage is twelve volts.And the insulation resistance should be approximately 50 milliohms.


polarity Now you need to check the polarity of the wires and insulation reliability of the ignition coil.If their locations confused, it is necessary to fix it.We measure the current in the circuit, thereby checking the primary winding with an ammeter.Next we turn on the ignition system and a contact breaker.We should not forget that in this case the current strength must correspond to the data for your vehicle.If the value exceeds the given value, it means that the winding is penetrated.

How to check the ignition coil, so as not to cause a malfunction?When installing a coil in its place, you need to carefully follow the order not to confuse wire.Such confusion can lead to damage and erosion contacts of the breaker, if not, can cause a short circuit.

should also be remembered that in the contactless ignition system must not be operated reel, designed for use in a contact system.This negligence leads to damage of the electronic sensor.

care about cars

Before you check the serviceability of the ignition coil, think about the fact that compliance with the rules of operation of car and timely diagnosis, eliminate the need for such checks.

If you do not want to avoid the huge costs of the repair of engine and its parts, it is necessary to pay attention to the first signs of failure car engine, as well as its natural wear and tear.Only the timely identification of faults and subsequent repairs of the engine, will help to save not only on the repair, but also in parts, the cost of which often exceed the amount of the repair.