How to check the voltage regulator ?

How to check the voltage regulator ?

Process boiling electrolyte in the battery of cars of different brands may ultimately provoke a breakdown of the voltage regulator.Its main function yavletsya transmittance too high voltage on-board vehicle network.

consider in detail the processes of the voltage regulator checks the example of VAZ-2106 car.Before you check the voltage regulator you will need to make sure that you present in a vehicle workable voltmeter that will measure the alternator voltage regulator.

car manual control checks

  1. Before you check the generator voltage regulator, it should be remembered that the voltage regulator checked, namely, in this case, its performance should be carried out only with the engine running.The frequency of the vehicle speed of the crankshaft of the engine operation during the inspection should reach 3000 rpm, while during the test, this frequency should not exceed the specified value.
  2. Once you start the engine, and the speed of the crankshaft has dolzhnі bіt brought to the specified frequency, you need the battery terminals with a voltmeter to measure the voltage.In the case where the voltage is normal, that is, it will not exceed 14.8 V (this voltage is only valid in the case when they are dead other electric car), the generator voltage regulator is considered serviceable.
  3. When you have a voltmeter voltage higher than normal, then you will need to connect, via an optional cable, the body of the car with a generator housing.If after the execution of the current voltmeter indicates still on high voltage, then the situation would indicate only that was broken yavna voltage regulator efficiency.
  4. If you check the voltage regulator after the accession of additional cable points to the normal stress, you will need to simply clean up regular contacts for connecting the whole "weight" of the engine to the body of your car.

Check shot controller

There are cases when you need to test the functionality of the captured voltage regulator.In this case, we give a few tips to help you accomplish this task.

  • Note that the voltage regulator is best to have to check with the brush holder, as in this case, you can immediately detect possible breaks conclusions brushes, as well as poor contact between the brush holder and a voltage regulator.
  • To check the regulator should be between the brushes turn on the lamp with a capacity of 1-3 W and a voltage of 12 V. The following must be attached to the terminals "+", "B", "B", and the weight of the regulator, "-" power supply,which voltage is 12 V, and then 15-16V.The lamp will light when the controller will be OK, otherwise, it will not burn.When the lamp is lit and at a voltage of 12V and 15-16V, this would indicate that there is a breakdown in the controller.

Now you know what you need to make a manipulation to check the voltage regulator.Knowing how to do it correctly, you can easily perform this check independently.