How to change shock absorbers ?

How to change shock absorbers ?

If you are the owner of a fresh or a new car, and even foreign cars, the problem is how to change the shock absorbers in front of you should not be.In extreme cases, there are services and service station.And if your use is the "miracle" of the Russian car industry, and even the same age adjustment for age or a little younger, then you should be ready at any time to change yourself "punched" shock absorbers.

How to change the rear shock absorbers?

Replace the rear shock absorbers on the "classic" easy.Remove the wheel, jacking and post car.The second jack draws in the rear axle with the right hand, the key to untwist the nuts 19 of the lower and upper shock absorber mounts, remove the bolt of the bottom bracket, remove the top fixing and throwing their exhaust rear shock.Install a new, put another bottom bolt and tighten.That's basically it.

C "Samaria" and "tens" more complicated than that.To get to the upper anchorage, you fold the rear seats removed, if necessary, decorative panels, remove the rubber caps.Then also post and jack a car, a special device is contractible spring, unscrew using hexagon and cap the upper shock absorber nut wrench.Rotate an lower mounting the rear shock.At the same time we must be prepared for the fact that the bolt will be difficult to unwind, it must be pre-treated liquid "WD-40" or even warm up the torch or a blowtorch.

Remove the second jack and take out the rear rack, carefully unscrew the nut that holds the plate, a booster cushion and a spring.Take the new damper put on it the spring, new boot and bump, and assemble in reverse order.It is important to ensure that the last round of the spring has become precisely in the groove plate.Putting damper into place better together, as one difficult to get a rod in the rear of the car glass opening.Tighten the rear shock absorber upper nut should be after put the car on wheels that was loaded shock absorber.

How can I change the front shock absorbers?

In classic VAZ models of front shock absorbers are changed in the same way as the rear.With front-wheel drive models, the situation is quite different.You can replace all the stand as a whole, but most only change the cartridge, leaving the old building.

to perform suitable work inspection pit, dock or just a flat area.From the removable rack, post the car and remove the tire, wrenched the steering wheel all the way to the opposite side, remove the cotter pin and turns the nut that secures the finger tip of steering draft to the pivot arm to the rack.Is extruded from a finger lever by means of a stripper.We take out the front brake hose holder.Then turn away the shock absorber rod with a special key, and weaken the stem nut.Turn away bolts of fastening of a rack to the steering knuckle and gently knock them.Bends in the direction of the steering knuckle, not pulling at the same time the brake hose.

key 13 turn away the support bearing mounting nuts to the glass and take out the rack.Garter spring couplers on opposite sides of the stem nut and turn away.Remove from the shock absorber support, bearing cup, spring, bump and duster.We bring down a chisel and remove the rack from the housing compression buffer support, turn away the key or use a chisel nut rack enclosure.Wash rack white spirit, put a new cartridge, and perform all the work in the reverse order, taking care not to miss anything.