How to change silent blocks ?

How to change silent blocks ?

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silent blocks How to change?

Hob - detail of the car, consisting of two metal bushings,arranged one inside the other, and an elastomer layer lying between them.In the production of the elastomer bushings subjected to vulcanization, causing him very firmly grips with bushing surface and combines them into a single indivisible whole.Since the integrity of its design Hob not be disassembled and repaired, so in case of damage can only be replaced.silent blocks for the replacement work is not so simple, but if you have some experience, technical skills and necessary tools it is quite possible to perform independently.

How can I change silent blocks

How do you know that the bushings need to be replaced

Hob main purpose - the elimination of noise and vibration damping of harmful vibrations in the joints of the suspension components and mitigating impacts attributable to it.If the Hob is no longer properly perform these functions, while driving in the car are heard wafting from below extraneous sounds - a characteristic knock, creaking and rattling.On worn bushings also says the lack of stability of the vehicle while driving, especially noticeable on the turns, the passage of which the machine is called, leads the way.On the need to replace the silent blocks shows and uneven tire wear.If in addition to all the above features by visual inspection revealed them to be silent blocks initial deterioration (cracks in the rubber layer or a squeezing of the sleeves), it means bushings need to change urgently, without waiting for them to complete destruction.We tell you how you can do it on the example of the classical models of VAZ (VAZ 2101 - 2107).

How can I change the front bushings

order to independently change the bushings on the upper and lower front wishbone, the following tools will be needed:

  • device for pulling out / pressing silent blocks;
  • puller steering tips;
  • stripper of spherical bearings;
  • set flare, carob and Socket Wrench;
  • jack;
  • hammer.

How to change the front of the upper arm Hob:

  1. Drive the car on a viewing hole (or rack), place it on the handbrake, stop the engine, the wheels prop boots.
  2. Loosen the bolts on the front wheel, jack, lift the machine from the side of the wheel and completely remove it.
  3. Unscrew the nut of the steering nozzle, and then decompress it.
  4. spanner unscrew the nut on the top of a ball bearing.
  5. Stripper ball joints decompress the finger of a spherical support with bipod.
  6. Unscrew the nut axis of the upper arm and pull out the axle.
  7. recovered from the vehicle, hold the upper arm in a vise mounted on the desktop.
  8. changing tool silent blocks squeeze of a lever old Hob and press in a new one in it.
  9. Grease Litol axis of the lever and return the lever to its place, until the end of the axle nut is not tighten.
  10. Fix a spherical support and proceed to the replacement of the lower arm bushings.

How to change Hob front lower arm:

  1. Unscrew the nut of the lower arm axis.
  2. Install puller and old Hob squeeze of a lever eye.
  3. Remove the old Hob, engine oil, lubricate the axle and the thread in the eyelet insert new Hob.
  4. between the lower arm and the nut securing it to the underside of the beam axis, insert the stop bracket.
  5. changing tool silent blocks press in the new Hob.
  6. will be replaced, refit the steering tips and zashplintuyte them, tighten the bottom nut axis After all this silent blocks from the front wheel.
  7. Establish a wheel, tighten its bolts and remove the car with a jack.

final tightening of the screws on the upper and lower arms make after car will travel about a hundred meters.Tighten the nuts with the full load of the car - inside the machine must be four people, and lie sorokakilogrammovy cargo in the trunk.

How to change the rear bushings

Required tools and accessories:

  • wrenches;
  • jack;
  • device for pulling out / pressing silent blocks;
  • hammer;
  • sturdy wooden beams.


  1. Drive the machine on a platform or a viewing hole, the vehicle wheel lock with chocks.
  2. Remove the rear wheel
  3. Disconnect the traction brake pressure regulator on the rear beam.
  4. Unscrew the nuts on the rear beam bolts to the bracket.
  5. On the operating side jack and lift the car between the car body and the rear beam set wooden beam.
  6. Remove old Hob.
  7. The seat bushings, thoroughly clean from dirt, lubricate it with soapsuds and adaptation to the new press in Hob.
  8. car assembly further slide in the reverse order.

Other tips on how you can manually replace the bushings, look at our article How to drive in silent blocks.