Shock absorbers : which is better?

Shock absorbers : which is better?

Each driver appreciates comfort while riding.And a big role when you pass through the "speed bumps", pits and just traveling around the harsh Russian roads, shock absorbers play.It depends on them whether you will feel every stone on the road, or will be able, without prejudice and jolting pass any bump.Let's talk about what shock is better to put on your car.

How does it work?

Dampers are needed to ensure that your car is not behaving like a toy, and after each tussock not swayed from side to side.Thanks dampers significantly reduced the amplitude of oscillation of the car springs.Shock absorbers can be oil, gas and gas-oil.The closest in design dampers for pumps.Whenever pressure is exerted on it, the shock absorber is compressed, but the oil inside it retards the movement through the holes and the liquid comes in small portions in a special tank.This can significantly reduce vibrations and ensure the safety and driving comfort.The oil is present in all models and types of shock absorbers, but in some of the shock absorbers to improve the properties of the gas is compressed.Select shock absorber should be based on needs while driving, as well as the quality of tracks in your area and the duration of travel in general.


This is the easiest and most inexpensive form of shock absorbers, which can be found on the market.But in this case, despite the fact that many seem attractive price, such dampers have significant drawbacks.

If you love to ride at high speed, then you should know that under heavy load the oil in a shock absorber has a tendency to foam.Because of the resulting air bubbles may decrease the ability to pass the shock absorber oil, making it less effective.Thus, such shock absorbers are the "soft" and comfortable to drive, provided that the road of high quality fabric.

Also, if you are driving on the road, where a lot of small irregularities, the effectiveness of the shock absorber is low, because the lack of speed of movement of the piston allow the oil to move safely through the holes.

answer to the problem of the oil shock may be the calibration of holes and fine-tuning, which allows more accurate and efficient work, and align the position of the car body.In addition, if you are not a fan of high speeds and sharp turns, such as the shock will last you a long time, and less expensive than gas and gas oil.

Gas-oil shock

It is the best choice when choosing between price and quality.The price of these shocks will not bite, and they are versatile enough for any road and durable.The design of gas-oil model is practically no different from oil.The only difference is nitrogen, which fills part of the voids in the backing cylinder pressure.This allows us to work more efficiently cylinder, and the gas pressure shock absorber increases sensitivity to fluctuations.On the other hand, the damper becomes harder, compared to oil-based models.

plus models using gas can be considered as and less bubble formation in oil, which makes these dampers is very effective in all conditions.Due to the gas pressure shock absorber sensitive to small bumps and jolts, so the body comes in its original state faster.

If you think over what shocks better put, it does not want to shell out the extra money, but want to provide your car with quality items, gas-oil damper excellent choice.Buy dampers only well-known brands and specialty stores.

Gas shock absorbers Gas shock absorbers

have one cylinder, in which the pressurized gas.Greater pressure than gas-oil structure.Gas oil is separated from the special piston.This design reduces the oil to minimize foaming.Accordingly, it suggests that the gas shock absorbers are the best.But

and cons in this design is.Each stone on the road, you get a feeling for his fifth point.For this reason, these shock absorbers are used in the race, as well as their take on those who are important to keep on the road everything is under control in any situation.Such a shock would improve control over the car and the clutch as quickly respond to any irregularities.Of course, for the quality comes at a price.And you must be willing to pay an appropriate amount for the miracle of technology.

selection and installation problems

Remember that if you are going to change the dampers, then this should be done in pairs on both wheels front or rear axle.Otherwise, the presence of the shock absorbers of different degrees of wear or construction can entail an emergency situation due to the different behavior on the road.You can easily lose control of the vehicle in a dangerous situation, so it's best not to risk it.

If you want to buy shock absorbers, which is best you do not tell anybody, because it depends on your preference, the resource of your wallet and the quality of roads.If you want comfort, you do not drive at high speeds and do not want to pay a lot, choose a model oil.If you need a compromise, the gas-oil is not strongly hit on the wallet and delight quality.If you like to control and ready to go with the feeling that you are being taken on a stool, the gas, despite the price, no doubt, the most advanced of all types of shock absorbers.Thus, ultimately, to decide what is best to put the dampers have you.