How to drive in silent blocks ?

How to drive in silent blocks ?

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How to drive in silent blocks?

Hobs used by motorists to connect some suspension parts auto suspension damping vibrations.Ductile polyurethane is used as a soft metal gasket between the front forks and the rear axle.

Hobs protect the body from the strain, taking the effect of high pressure car while driving.Replace silent blocks can be made with your own hands.

Replacement bushings on the upper arm

  1. axis carry out a visual inspection of Hob, make sure that there is no peeling of polyurethane gaskets between the iron forks.The rubber gasket from the joint may crack and deform.
  2. twist the wheel bolts, lift the body to the required level using the machine jack.We take out the wheel and go down the special nut on the axis of the lower arm.Grab a wrench and unscrew the nut of the steering nozzle, raspressovyvaem metal nozzle.
  3. spanner unscrew the nut mounted on metal balls bridge.Clean the ball joint.With the help of a special device raspressovyvaem removable finger support with bipod.
  4. Check backlash, clearances and strain between the polyurethane gasket and front axle forks iron lever.In the case of excessive play, the gasket should be replaced.
  5. Take the lever and go to the machine.We fix the unit in metal vise.Is extruded and set the block structure of the upper arm.Fix a reference shtangel.We put the wheel and fasten.

Replace silent blocks on the axis of the lower arm

  1. Use a wrench to unscrew the lock axis of the lower arm.
  2. install special puller, remove the unit from the proscheliny on the lower arm axis.Check the integrity of metal fork.
  3. cleaned and lubricated with oil place Hob fixation.Treat the axis machine and thread lubricant inserted into the bottom slot axis new Hob.Using a pneumatic jack center the axis at the lower level with a slit for the arm.
  4. Set between the lever and lock fastening axis "knee" of the lower level to the retaining beam - bracket, fastening axle with support beam.
  5. Mount Hob and is pressed into the metal sleeve.A similar procedure is carried out with silent blocks on the lower level of the lever axis.Set in the former place of steering columns and pinned them.Use a wrench to tighten clamps lower and upper arm on the car is lowered to the ground.


important to understand that the clips must be tightened on the loaded vehicle.Suffice it to seat 4 people in the car.If this is not possible, it is possible to seat one person alternately transplanting into left and right wing of the car at the time of tightening the nuts on the respective sides of your vehicle.

Properly installed bushings provide the optimum level of ground clearance, provide tenacity with the road running gear and transmission, absorb road bumps and potholes.