How to check the shock absorber ?

How to check the shock absorber ?

Before checking the technical condition of the shock absorber, it is necessary to learn the simple truths on its operation.After a run of 40 thousand km.shock absorbers must be replaced, given the state of our roads.The exception is in that case gives a manufacturer warranty for longer use.

Visual inspection

Wear different shock absorber parts, whether it seals or valves for continuous operation, is inevitable.So, how to test the functionality of the shock absorber?

  • To begin testing the performance of a simple damper rocking body.To do this, press and release the angle of the body, which is being tested shock absorber.If the body does not vary more than twice the normal shock.
  • Then pay attention to the wheel.If the tread wears unevenly, it may also indicate a shock absorber problem.However, we must remember that this method is not sufficiently reliable verification.And yet, how to test the shock absorbers for sure?First, the oscillation frequency depends on the numerous other suspension components, so in this way can be made to identify "dead" shock absorber.Secondly, the vibrations experienced by the vehicle on the road, do not correspond to the amplitude and frequency of oscillation of our test.Therefore, if the test did not show any abnormalities of the suspension, then a more accurate diagnosis, be sure to check serviceability of the shock absorber at the service station.
  • next step - a visual inspection of the shock absorber.This operation is time-consuming and expensive.Simple external inspection reveals serious emergency fault, but, unfortunately, so it is impossible to diagnose the normal wear of suspension.

additional inspection

damper If the inspection body is dirty or has traces of anti-corrosion product, it seriously affects the period of its operation, because a large amount of heat energy released in the process of intensive work suspension.A shock absorber prevents contamination dissipate excessive heat in the body.Also inspect the shock absorber for deformation in the unit.Irregularities in the body can create increased friction in the piston.Then pay attention to the rod in the piston, as the curvature of the rod can lead to jamming during suspension movement of the car, which is extremely dangerous for the life and health of the driver and passengers.If an external shock absorber inspection you find scratches, corrosion areas, uneven coating of chrome, everything it can cause depressurization.Unfortunately, often due to improper installation, we can observe a mechanical shock absorber damage.Pot—Ďkshy shock absorber can not perform their functions, so it must be urgently replaced.

Diagnostics Car service

To better diagnose the shock absorber, it is possible to use in the service station with special equipment.How to check the shock absorber on a shaker?Checking on such equipment costs money, so to specify the following issues mechanics.The first is whether the parameters are set shaker on the model of your vehicle or type of suspension?Second, it takes into account whether the diagnosis of the age of the car?If you find yourself in a serious accident, be sure to report it.If your suspension consists of no original parts, this can also affect the test results.It is worth to take into account the camber and toe pressure in the wheels.If you ignore any of these questions, you may get incorrect diagnostic results, and therefore wasting your time and money.

How to check the rear shock absorbers?Sometimes during the operation of the car the feeling of a strong crosswind.And you either blows into the oncoming lane, or in the ditch at the time when it's dead calm.This is a clear sign that the rear shock absorbers are in extremely poor condition.In principle, the rear shock absorbers are examined and diagnosed similar to the front shock absorbers.

New dampers must also be inspected for the presence of stains and deformation of the body.