How to check -in desk?

How to check -in desk?

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How to check-in desk?

Shock absorbers are part of a complex suspension of the car and are designed to eliminate body vibrations.Termination vibrations produced by converting the kinetic energy (energy of motion) into heat.On examination in the presence of suspension fault entirely read the article How to check the suspension.

From the condition of the car racks can be judged by the behavior of the car on the road.If something is in doubt, it is best to check the suitability of the pillars, as with suspension problems often begin with a faulty rack.And it is logical to assume that it is cheaper just to change the rack rather than later to repair the suspension as a whole.

How to check the rack on the performance

To check the racks there are several ways, and the front and rear shock absorbers are tested the same way:

  • possible to try to shake the car body, with some effort around each wheel of the machine, if the body quickly and firmly back to its originalthe position after you stop work on the wing - the shock absorbers work.
  • Many drivers use it in this way, but not everyone knows that such a test will not stand alone damper fully come into disrepair.An element that has little to fulfill its function, such a task is done, but it will gradually spoil the condition of other parts of the suspension.
  • Another thing, if, together with the previous method uses a special device with a displacement sensor.The device itself is attached to the wing, and the sensor is placed on the ground.Swinging wing, in the first case and the device diagnoses.The memory unit entered the factory data of the norm, and the test results are given in percentages.
  • quite different check state of shock experienced drivers: they listen to the sounds made by the machine while running on a good road, uneven, while turning.Normally, faulty rack emit a soft knock on the bumps, and when the wheels turn.If the driver is sure that the suspension is in order, then, with a shock absorber problem.After that, the rack removed, made the inspection and replacement.This requires considerable experience, so to diagnose cars.
  • Verifying the cabin on a shaker.This service is service stations for a fee car, so check with a specialist:
    • adjusted if the computer and other diagnostic equipment on your model;
    • considered as the degree of deterioration of the body.
  • If the equipment does not account for these factors, the test results may be more disastrous than it actually is.
  • Visual inspection of the shock absorber.It can be produced in a hole or by removing the wheel, and then the rack itself.What to look for in such a survey, read our article How to check the shock absorber.

How to check the new racks

To ensure serviceability of the new racks, note the following

  • Visual inspection.Check product labeling - it must comply with the manufacturer.Examine for mechanical damage rod, thread, suspension housing;
  • Squeeze the damper rod several times.No sounds, background noise should be heard;
  • Compliance.Using vernier calipers, measure the diameter, length and stroke, compare the information provided by the manufacturer.

It so happens that the need to pump new racks to properly perform this procedure, see our article How to pump rack.

How to check the rack stabilizer

stabilizer experiencing serious enough load for the vehicle, so the need for timely replacement.Here are three options for checking performance counters:

  1. Remove the wheels of the car to the side, grabbed his hand behind the bar, and by applying maximum effort, stir it.Even a small gap means that it's time to start replacing.
  2. Remove the bottom nut and remove the rack.Check it out by moving parts in different directions.If you hear a knock, and the joints move too freely - you need to install the parts.
  3. For this method, you will need an assistant.One gets into a hole and puts his hand to the hinge pillar, the second rocking machine.The reception is normal, if the joint is not unnatural and makes jerking movements.