How to replace rear pads ?

How to replace rear pads ?

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How to replace rear pads?

Brake Pads - a key element of the braking system of any car.A serviceable brake system - guarantee of our security.In this article we'll show you how to replace the rear pads on drum and disc brakes.Then you will know when to change brake pads on different systems, and how to carry out tests updated braking system.

Change the rear brake pads: drum brakes

course, cars of different brands, this process may vary slightly, but the overall scheme is similar.We will tell you about the brake pad change on drum brakes on the example of VAZ range.First of all, we recommend you to evaluate the condition of pads without removing the drum.This can be done using a special viewing window, which is located in the dashboard brake mechanism.

If you notice that the pads are worn out, you have to replace them.Next, we will describe the process of replacing the pads with a drum already removed.To learn how to remove the drum itself, you can read our article, which is called: How to remove the drum.

So, first you need to pry the cap (eg a screwdriver), which is mounted on a board designed for protection against dust.Once you have pulled out the plug, you need to remove the rear wheel, as well as ease the parking brake cable, which you need to loosen the locknut tensioning device.Next you need to unscrew the guide pins, and then using a hammer to start tapping them on the ends of the drum, gradually turning it.

then need to take a screwdriver and disconnecting the end of the garter spring from the pad, remove it, and then, picked up, and remove the spring guide.Now we have to remove the drive shaft and by moving it to a new block, set back, securing it.Further installation occurs in reverse order, ie first fixed tightening and guiding the spring, and then twist the pins and lock nut hand brake device, after which the wheel is put in place and insert the plug.

How to replace brake pads: disc brakes

process of replacing the brake pads on disc brakes are much easier than in the drum.To start shooting brake disc.Actually, the whole process very well and is described in detail in our article How to remove the brake disc.In general, it should be noted that the brake disc does not often recorded and are easily removed after the brake caliper removed.

Of course, you may have heard that some have used almost grinders to weaken drives - in practice if such happens, in extremely rare cases.Usually, however, it is missing a few strokes to remove the disc.Of course, before you do this simple manipulation, do not forget to sprinkle in the joints with special grease for easier sliding tool - the so-called WD (with a bottle of this liquid should carry always - in the garage or in the car).

Now we have to replace the worn disc and set back.However, and give a little advice: if you decide to change the brake discs, do not take the money, and on the other components of your car brake system: brake hoses, guides and parking brake cables.It is worth it all is not expensive, but completely updated braking system will serve you long and trouble-free.And one more note: These instructions will work with almost any brand of car as disc brakes (as, indeed, and drum) are arranged about the same.

When to change the brake pads

This question is asked not only beginners, but also other motorists with the experience, which for the time being does not have to deal with the braking system of your car.In fact, the wear of brake mechanisms - this process is very individual.That is why it is recommended to inspect the brakes are not less frequently than every 10 thousand kilometers.This is particularly important in the case of disc brakes, as they wear out much quicker than drum (last resource may reach 100 or even 150 thousand km.).If you - happy owner of a sports car, then you need to check the brake system even more frequently - namely, every 5000 km.

About testing brake pads

Once you put new pads, they must be tested.For starters, check whether a well-secured after replacing all the items, and then put the wheels and lower the car.Now, start the engine and not moving from the spot, depress the brake pedal until it stops.Do this ten times.You can then move, but does not accelerate much, because the brake at the first trial trip should be smooth.Then again go to the place of inspection and check the brake system.

And finally, one more advice from our experts: What are the article on the brake pads better.