How to replace the brake pads ?

How to replace the brake pads ?

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How to replace brake pads?

Replacement brake columns - a task that can be done independently, without using the services of THAT, where the cost of such replacement, to put it mildly, shocking some drivers.So, how to replace the brake pads?Video instructions to use proposed in the Internet or to use the automaker's guidelines?As practice shows, and as claimed by experienced drivers who brake pad replacement is necessary after 20 thousand mileage cars at its regular use in the conditions of city roads.If the car owner lives in the countryside, it is possible to change the brake pads after 30 thousand mileage.

Preparing for replacement brake pads

technology replacing brake pads, of course, it depends on the brand of car and from the manufacturer.We will consider the replacement of brake pads on a car Nissan Almera Classic.Before you replace the front brake pads or rear, you should buy them.We recommend buy only shoes in the original performance, in accordance with a special code, characteristic of Nisan.Similar codes exist for any other car models.This is very important because improper pads have exchanged in the trading network, because otherwise you have them or do not install or will not be able to ride on them.

Before replacing the pads, you need to stock up on the following instruments:

  • jack and gloves;
  • brush with stiff bristles, preferably metal;
  • liquid to remove dirt from the engine;
  • set of tools, namely, the key to the wheel rim and the ratchet key 14;
  • sharp screwdriver, which can successfully replace a penknife;
  • brake pads are a consumable item in the vehicle equipment.

Instructions for replacing brake pads

In order to make you change the brake pads, it is necessary to drive a car or on a dirt road or on the tarmac.Put the car into second gear on the handbrake, lock the rear wheel with the help of stone or board to the car stood firmly on the road, and in any case, not rolled.

The first step is to unscrew the nut-wheel drive standard key.If your appliance is fitted with alloy wheels, then use a regular key to this type of disc.Take the jack that goes into picking a car, pick up the car.The jack must be installed in such a way under the front threshold to its upper part was placed between two special dashes.The rear of the car is raised with a jack before you replace the rear brake pads.

In the second step to remove the wheel, remove it in the direction that it did not prevent the replacement of brake pads, and then wrenched it away - this action is necessary to ensure access to the caliper.Yes, one more thing - in order to avoid the steering wheel lock, insert the key into the ignition, turn it into one division.At the same time, there is no need to start the car, because the condition that a wheel is removed, the force on the wheel will be small.

The third step is to unscrew the bottom bolt with a wrench 14 - we must act very cautiously and carefully, because the thread can break at sharp movements.You must unscrew counterclockwise, and not vice versa.Now you need to tilt the caliper, and then gain access to the brake disc pads.

final stage

fourth stage - in turn take out the pads.To do this, turn the little pads on the opposite side of the disc, and then rises to the top, taking out brackets.To loosen the pad, click on the petals, arranged for the block.Now you need to remove the mounting brackets alternately.They are covered with bloom, which is highly desirable to remove before installing the new brake pads.We clean these parts with a wire brush and a cleaner engine.

fifth stage.Take a shovel for mounting or standard key.We need help with this simple tool to drag the caliper piston inside - this will make it easier if you will be rested into the opposite side of the caliper.The inside of the caliper must also be cleaned of accumulated dirt and grit.You must act carefully, because the rubber seals may be affected by treatment.Before you replace the brake pads to ensure the continued, trouble-free operation of new columns, you need to very carefully clean the inside of the corner of a support bracket.

After cleaning, set the bracket in its place, inside the petals.We put a new pad, considering that on the inside of the brake disc must be shoe with a special lobe (wear indicator).In the case where the strip is not installed, it is necessary to verify the installation clamps.Then you must do all the work to restore the slide to its original position,

Tips and tricks

you learned how to replace the brake pads, and now it's time, which rules drive must be observed to block do not cause you problems during operation.Immediately after installing the pad, do not move the vehicle until such time until they bleed the brake pedal - you must make a minimum of 10 prokachek when the motor is running.Check brake fluid level - it should be the best, between the MIN and MAX.If the fluid has exceeded the MAX mark, remove the excess - easy to clean brake fluid from a conventional medical syringe.

While the pads are not got used, you need to move very carefully, because the brakes do not yet have all of its functions.After 10 kilometers, the car can be used as usual.Brake sharply in the range 100-200 km after replacing the pads, you should not take.