How to pull the handbrake ?

How to pull the handbrake ?

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How to pull the handbrake?

handbrake, and would be correct to say the manual parking brake must be securely lock the rear wheels of the car during parking.For information on how you can manually adjust the handbrake, we describe an example of VAZ 2109 (VAZ models in other adjustment is carried out in a similar manner).

How to adjust the handbrake

principle of action parking brake

operating principle of the parking brake is quite simple: special steel cable specifically connects the rear brake pads car with the brake handle.When lifting the handle is pulled up the rope - as a result of the pads pressed against drums and wheels lock.

When you need to pull up the parking brake cable?

On the surface pads wear out over time, they are flat out, and to pad tightly pressed to the drum, the cable has to tighten stronger.Then there comes a time when it is fully raised and handbrake handle still can not keep the car on the slope.In this case, it is necessary to immediately pull the parking brake cable.

To avoid this, we recommend to check the status of the parking brake every 30 000 km of run of the car and in a timely manner to pull the wire as needed.

How to pull the handbrake: User

correctly adjusted brake drag on for 4-5 clicks position should securely hold the vehicle on a slope of 25%.If the car rolls down the hill with raised brake handle, the cable should be tightened.However, pulling the handbrake, you can not go to the other extreme, unacceptable over-tighten the cable.Progress brake handle, must not be less than 2 clicks of a ratchet device, because otherwise the handbrake will prevent rotation of the rear wheel at the time of the machine.

  1. Drive the car on the overpass, or put it in the garage on a viewing hole.
  2. If your "nine" old, issued before 1995, then before you start to pull a rope, lift the handle of a manual brake on one or two clicks.
  3. armed with two spanners spanner at "13" and a pair of pliers and climb under the car.
  4. At its bottom, closer to the rear of the machine, find the parking brake adjustment mechanism.
  5. In order to be able to change the cable tension, loosen the locknut first tensioning mechanism - in the tightened position, it fixes the adjusting nut and prevents it from turning.
  6. To release the lock nut, a small key hold in place the adjustment nut and the second at this time loosen the X's.
  7. Now, holding the rod with pliers, begin to tighten the adjusting nut.Tighten it until then, until you get the desired tension of the cable.
  8. When the rope tightened, check the extent of its tension.Select from under the car, sit in the cockpit of the car and make sure that the course of the handbrake lever is in the range of two to four clicks of a ratchet device.Note: the old "nines", released earlier in 1995, the parking brake stroke range of a few more - from 2 to 5 or 6 clicks.
  9. If you did everything correctly, you will go down by a car and tighten the locknut.

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