How to adjust the handbrake ?

How to adjust the handbrake ?

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How to adjust the handbrake?

Every car owner every day uses the handbrake: someone - for convenience when lifting, and someone - for emergency braking.Over time, it becomes noticeable that the handbrake is not holding as well as in the new car: a small slope - and the car rolls down, and the number of clicks when picked handbrake handle increased.

To avoid an emergency, it is necessary to control the operation of vehicle systems, especially braking.To check the parking brake is necessary, without dropping it, engage first gear and pull away.If the car will go, then, you want to repair the brakes.But we should not immediately written to the service center and spend money.In most cases, adjust the handbrake.This operation is simple and requires no special skills training.

To adjust the handbrake?

first step is to post the car on the lift or drop in on a viewing hole to gain access to the adjusting nut.In the second case it is necessary to fix the car by turning on the first transmission, and for additional reliability to substitute for the front wheel chocks and lift the rear wheels by means of jacks.Also, do not forget to raise the parking brake handle 1-3 clicks.

Now you can start a manual brake directly to the adjustment, ie,tension cable.To do this, loosen the lock nut of the equalizer and start tightening the adjusting nut of the equalizer.Excessive force is not required, as may subsequently wedged brake pads (for the handle of a manual brake is less than 4 clicks).

Check the result of the work needed in several ways:

  1. Raise the parking brake on the number of clicks specified in the manual for your car (on average 5-7).Converges?
  2. Check how cool the rear wheels.Unable to budge?So, it is possible to tighten the lock nut back and go to the last stage of check.
  3. Lower the hand brake handle and rotate the rear wheels.

If the wheels turn smoothly and freely without shimming means that work has been done successfully.

If to achieve the desired braking effect of the parking brake failed, should understand in more detail in the brake system of your car.

For more information on adjusting the parking brake on your car, you can find in the article How to pull up the handbrake.