How to pull the handbrake ?

How to pull the handbrake ?

Not all car owners are with due care to the parking brake of the car, relying mainly on the primary braking system.And it is in vain, because the maintenance of the hand brake in working condition is quite capable to keep your car safe and sometimes even save a life.The most common operation with parking brake - this is his control.How to pull the handbrake on the car some of the most popular brands?Tell us how to do it on our own WHA and advise where to look for competent advice on other brands.

For example, take the VAZ 2106. Before validation adjust his parking brake, the car should be installed on a platform or a loading ramp with a height of 1.25 meters and a length of the entrance - 5 meters.Thus, the bias will be provided 25%.Defective parking brake should hold the vehicle on a 5-8 tooth (clicked).If such a site can not pick up, it does not matter - you can put your "six" and on level ground.We put the gear lever in the "neutral", and the parking lever tighten until it stops.If in this situation we will be able to move the car from a place - handbrake requires adjustment.

How to pull the parking brake cable?

Put the vehicle on a pit or on a hoist.Cooking pliers "Cobra", pliers and two wrenches on 13. Hold the lock nut in place, release the adjusting nut.On the "six" (up to 95 model year), the parking brake lever must be raised with 1-2 clicks.

Hold ticks tip forward cable, unscrew the adjusting nut or twirl.Strive, therefore, the lever stroke to four-wave.The key to the "13" tighten the locknut.Several times the way to raise and lower the lever.Remember that the course of the lever of less than four clicks of the dangerous part of the wheels locking.Finally scroll the rear wheel by hand.Free running wheels, nothing should detain.If this had not been achieved, it is necessary to pay attention to your brakes the rear wheels or the parking brake actuator.

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