How to pull the brake ?

How to pull the brake ?

Experienced motorists not once had to listen to arguments about the futility of a manual brake.These "avtofilosofy" convinced that the designers wasted time to develop the parking brake.They, of course, did not occur to him that in case of failure hydraulic brakes are well tightened handbrake can provide a complete shutdown of the machine at a speed of 60 km / h.Following this argument, we are sure that you want to learn how to pull the brakes, in more detail.

What is needed to brake podgyagivaniya

First, determine whether you need to pull up the "hammer" of your car.The parking brake lever when picked up 4-5 clicks is to keep the car at a 25% slope.There is a method and easier.To do this, put the car on level ground, cock the "hammer" and turn neutral.If you get to push the car from a place, it means that the parking brake is an urgent need to adjust.

What are the tools you'll need for the job

  • extender;
  • ratchet;
  • long head of 13 mm;
  • keys 10 and 13.

How to pull the handbrake

  • It is best to carry out this work on the flyover, viewing pit or hoist.Less desirable latter option, because posted by the rear axle you can create some difficulties, because it will be more difficult to determine the degree of tension of the cable.
  • Under the machine, loosen the bolts on the key 10, which is secured protection of the additional muffler.Remove the rubber pad with the additional muffler of the front suspension arm.In order to "hammer" adjust node free access, you need to move forward heat shield.
  • How to pull the parking brake?To do this, head on 13 unscrew the locknut while holding the adjusting nut at the tip of a cable on the key 13. Adjust stroke handbrake lever and pull the rope, rotating clockwise the adjusting nut.It is more convenient to carry out adjustment of the tension of the cable head with a long extension and ratchet.Locknut while not completely turn away, but its faces are aligned with the faces of the adjusting nut.Then put on the long head of 13 mm, after which the nut spinning together.Thus, there is a tension cable.It is necessary to ensure that the cabin move the lever parking brake was not more than 4-5 clicks.Once the adjustment is completed, tighten the locknut on the head 13. In this case, the adjusting nut must be held key of the same size.
  • Go into the car and turn neutral.After that, pick up 4-5 times before the end of the lever and drop "parking brake".Be sure that the course of no more than 5 clicks.
  • lowers the brake lever to the end, to scroll through the rear wheels.They must rotate without friction and easily.Otherwise you will have to slightly loosen the nut on the cable adjuster and lock nut to fix it again.If the wheel continues to rotate with difficulty, then you need to check the condition of the rear wheels brake assemblies.
  • adjusting the "hammer" do not forget to set the protection and gum additional muffler in place.