How to pump the brakes on the vases ?

How to pump the brakes on the vases ?

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How to pump the brakes on the vases?

brake system - this is one of the most important units of the car, which is responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers.That's why it pays special attention.But malfunction in the brakes - one of the most common defects that affect the frequency of repairs carried out.All this can be avoided if the periodic inspection and preventive maintenance.In this regard, bleed brake VAZ 2105, 2109, 2110, 2115 and other models - the most effective method of prevention.The differences are minimal by model, so that the technology of the process is identical.

essence of pumping is reduced to the removal of the air system and the content of extraneous liquids.How to get foreign substances?There are several ways:

  • major overhaul of the system with the replacement parts.
  • compromise the integrity of the hose.
  • used the poor quality brake fluid.

It should be noted that the very brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it can draw in the moisture.This means that it must be changed periodically and be sure to carry out the pumping system.So the question is how to properly bleed the brake VAZ 2106, 2112, 2114 and other models, among motorists is very relevant.

Bleeding brake system

Attention!One can not pour in brake fluid other brand different from the one that had already been flooded.And before the process is required to inspect the entire system for its complete integrity.

There is a certain pumping of the scheme, which has the shape of a cross-wise:

  • rear right node;
  • Left Front;
  • Left Rear;
  • right front.

All nodes the process is carried out on one scenario.

  1. oil level in the tank should be the maximum.That it is necessary to check if it is not enough, add.
  2. Clean the air valve of the brake mechanism from dirt.
  3. Remove the cap that covers the valve itself.
  4. put a rubber hose at him.
  5. other end into a container, which is filled with brake fluid.Choose a glass container (glass jar).
  6. One of the two workers sits behind the wheel and push on the brake pedal several times (4-6).The pitching should be sharp, with a small break one or two seconds.After that, the pedal must be secured in the depressed position to the floor.
  7. second worker wrench turns away brake valve on the floor or three-quarters of a turn.
  8. pressurized fluid begins to flow out of the hose, and with it the air bubbles.It will be clearly visible in a glass jar.
  9. When the liquid stops flowing, it is necessary to close the valve by turning it to its original position.Then the first employee can release the brake pedal.
  10. This operation must be carried out until such time as the hose will not brake liquid without air bubbles.Usually already the third stage air does not remain in the system.Be sure to pay attention to the level of the liquid in the tank, so it does not reach the bottom mark.Therefore it is recommended to pour a little liquid.
  11. Remove the rubber hose, wipe the valve fitting, wear protective cap.

That can be answered this way when asked how to pump the brakes on VAZ 2101, 2107, 2110 and so on.But many car owners are interested in another question as one to pump the brakes, is it possible?Such a method is, it is not as simple as described but, in principle, and can cope with it.The only thing that I wanted to mention is with cars Autointerlocking system.In order to carry out pumping the brakes, it is necessary to take into account features of the ABS system.When you install it on a lift, overlaps the pressure regulator.This means that the fluid flow to the rear wheels will not.consider this necessary.

To perform this operation, do not use any special tools.Just ring spanner.But it is most convenient to carry out pumping the lift than on the ground.

If you carried out the manipulation did not lead to the desired goal (the brakes were not hard), it is best to send a car for computer diagnostics.Surely there is a problem with the discs and pads, which will have to change.Usually they wear is one of the reasons for bad brakes.