How to check a box automatic ?

How to check a box automatic ?

Currently, cars with automatic transmission at the peak of popularity, especially among women.And there is nothing surprising in this, because the ride on this car easy, no need to have a serious driving skills.This applies especially to city driving, because the constant squeezing the clutch and switching tires handle, and someone annoying.The "machine" these actions are completely absent.

For all its benefits in an automatic transmission, there are serious drawbacks.This is a very delicate mechanism, so buying a used car with automatic transmission, you must be sure to check it out.Do not do this, you can "get" a large sum, which will go on expensive repairs.And why pay constant service, if you can make as a device at the beginning of the acquisition of cars.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the repair of an automatic transmission often does not bring the proper result.The thing that set the worn parts with such precision, as is done in the factory, it is practically impossible.This repair may not be enough even for half a year.And you will again apply to the workshop.It can last indefinitely.

What to look

So, the main question before purchasing cars with automatic transmission - how to check the box of the machine?

  1. Primary diagnosis - check for oil in the box and its quality.
  2. And how to check the oil in the automatic transmission?To do this, pull out the dipstick and check the fluid level.It should be between the two marks, it is better in the middle.
  3. Wipe the dipstick on a white towel or cloth.oil color should be either reddish or yellowish.If it is brown or black, the box was operated improperly.It is a guarantee that the car will soon arise for repairs due to the gearbox.
  4. Start the engine and begin to move the arm in different positions.Please note, if there is background noise.If the unit is in good condition, it should not be heard any outside noise.
  5. Release the brake pedal, the car must start moving smoothly, without jerks.In this state, the machine should move in all positions of the lever.
  6. Note the time when the brake pedal is fully released.Make sure that the car does not pull.
  7. Overclock car to a speed of 50-60 km / h.In this case, it must take place at least two automatic switching.At the same time the speed of the jumps should not be felt.
  8. Now push the pedal to the metal, in this case, the mission is to go to a low speed.This so-called "kickdown".

Many sellers when it detects malfunction of the box, they say that this particular model.Do not believe any automatic should work quietly and smoothly.