How to check the oil in the automatic transmission ?

How to check the oil in the automatic transmission ?

To all the systems in the car working properly and for a long time, you need to perform some simple requirements of the manufacturer.Today, more and more people are beginning to operate vehicles with automatic transmission.This is due to an increase in the reliability of the device, and with enhanced ride comfort compared with a manual gearbox.Therefore, it is advisable to consider how to check the oil in the automatic transmission, which subsequently helps to simplify the operation of the vehicle owner.

So, in some automatic transmission provided dipstick to check the oil level, and in some, a special tube.In the second case, there is some difficulty in verifying quality oil state becausefor this it is necessary to set the vehicle on a pit or hoist.For vehicles equipped with boxes probe all much easier.

How to check the oil in the automatic transmission: Tips

When switched off and the engine is cold take out the dipstick.On it (in most cases) suffered two marks:

  • HOT (can also be applied to 90 °).The oil level on the heated car and the gearbox (for this it is necessary to travel 15 to 20 kilometers).
  • COLD (may be applied 20 °).This is a rough indicator of level of oil, which is used when replacing.

Naturally, HOT mark is higher, since during heating the oil volume increases.At check proceed as follows:

  1. Once warmed transmission, stop the vehicle on flat ground without tilting and check the oil level.In addition, it should be within the prescribed limits, it must be transparent and odorless fumes.No matter what color you are filled with oil replacement, during operation of the vehicle, it will acquire a brown color.
  2. If during the test, have a characteristic smell of burning oil was found, then an urgent need to go to the service center.The reason for this phenomenon may be a long tow vehicle or trailer independently.
  3. should also note if the oil in the foam box (the entire volume of approximately equal numbers of small bubbles).These effects occur in excess of the required level.In this case, you must switch off the engine and wait a while, then check the oil level.With its complete absence of the probe - it is necessary to top up the automatic transmission.If it is higher than the required level, inspect the gearbox itself (in this case, it should be in oil) and remove the excess.

Here are the basic rules that will help extend the life of your vehicle.Use the theoretical knowledge in practice, and your car will last you longer!