How to check the oil in the box?

How to check the oil in the box?

Checking the oil level in the gearbox is one of the simplest and at the same time critical operations.The oil level is recommended to check once every 3 weeks, as it may suddenly emerge as a result of damage to the gearbox housing.Then the question arises about the repair of the gearbox.Learn how to check the oil in the gearbox, and what actions you need to do is perform.

Automatic Transmission

First we need to warm up a transmission.To do this, drive about 10 km and to stop the vehicle on a flat plot.Then you should get the probe, with the help of which you will be checking the oil in the machine box.It is necessary to rub it, and then again lowered until it stops in a special tube and pull out again.Sometimes the lower mark may be indicated on the dipstick with the help of which you can check the oil level and the cold box.However, these markers are only approximate for verification.A final oil level still have to check with the heated oil.Please be aware that very low oil is dangerous because it captures the pump with air oil, which is why it turns the air-oil mixture, which is compressed and has the lowest rates of the heat capacity and thermal conductivity.As a result, the system pressure will fall, automatic overheat and friction parts are poorly lubricated.Therefore, the car can quickly become unusable.Due to the rotation of the automatic transmission parts when its level is exceeded oil can foam.Moreover, this process does not begin immediately after starting the engine, and a cycle of movement.Oil foam increases its volume, and then released into the machine through the breather box.To check this you should look at your car.If the oil foams, the box is covered in oil.

Manual transmission

How to check the oil in the box, in this case?This can be done also by using the stylus or without him.

Checking the oil level with the dipstick

necessary to put the car on a level surface and wait until the oil settles.It takes about 10-15 minutes.Then you need to open the hood, find the manual transmission dipstick, pull it out, wipe with a cloth and stick back.If you can not reach the probe, it is necessary to remove the air filter.Now we need to pull out the dipstick again and look at him testify.If the oil level does not reach the max mark, it is necessary to pour the oil through the hole of the probe of the same brand.Then you need to give it to settle and check again the readings.It is worth noting that the gearbox oil should be slightly above the maximum level.The fact is that in fifth gear the car is above the rest, so the level is not always enough.Therefore, in order to avoid hum fifth gear, you should fill in oil above this mark.

Checking the oil level dipstick without

First, you need to put the car on the rack and remove the protection.Then unscrew the filler box and stick a finger there.You should feel the oil.It should be to the bottom of filler plug.If you need to add oil, then this should be done using a special syringe.In order to inject greater amounts of oil, above $ max, should put the car on the overpass at a slight incline.It will fill a much larger amount of oil.Then you need to tighten the cap and put everything in reverse order.

In some cases, you may need a longer tube, through which you can fill with oil as in some models of cars filling hole is very difficult to access.Also, if there is a need to add oil, but you do not know what brand it in a box, it is best to change everything at once.