How to check the clutch ?

How to check the clutch ?

Clutch system called the crankshaft and the engine flywheel connection with the gearbox, which allows the car to start and finish the movement by connecting the other hand, cutting off the transmission from the engine system.It is understood that the car needs regular check clutch, because it depends on whether the machine can normally ride.In this article you will find the most effective ways to check the clutch system.

How to check the clutch without instruments

Before you apply to the service station - service, you can check the clutch system on their own and carry out its primary diagnosis.The most common faults occur at the closing-opening clutch.Discs or not well and tightly close up, or, on the contrary, there are difficulties in their division.In the first case, this is reflected in the fact that the car stalled, or simply slips on the spot, while the second is the car that has a bad effect on her handling - especially in difficult road conditions.Of course, in these cases, special check the clutch is not required, since there is usually clear and true.

clutch Check for slippage

Let's first talk about the car slips while squeezing the clutch pedal and then tell you about the conduct as to these two different situations lead breakage.As for slipping, it can be seen on the following grounds.When lifting even small hill the car accelerates bad, if not losing speed.Also in the cabin can occur smell of burning, indicating that the disc is not enough compressed.In this situation, we recommend that you make the following checks.Put the parking brake and start the car.In normal operation, the clutch as soon as you try to move away, the engine will stall.If this does not happen, then you have the clutch is usually for the following reasons:

  • malfunction of the hydraulic drive, carrying clutch;
  • wear Releaser Clutch springs;
  • wear of clutch facings;
  • large clutch pedal.

more accurate diagnosis you can spend in the service station, but here we just brought the most common causes of slipping - so that you are aware of.

clutch Check for keeping

To do this, start the engine and depressing the clutch fully, engage first gear.If the clutch is in order, you will not notice when it is no jerks and extraneous noise.If you hear noise or feel jerks, it means that the grip is faulty, since disks are not fully opens, causing the drive shaft continues to rotate, and the mobile gear design hit the stationary.This situation can occur for the following reasons:

  • in the hydraulic clutch system is air;
  • free the clutch pedal raised.

Thus, slippage and maintenance - these are the situations when changing the clutch is necessary.Just note that as in the slipping, and the conduct of its own, correct problems with the clutch is very difficult, so the best solution would be to appeal to the professionals at the station - station maintenance cars that accurately diagnose the cause of failure.In addition, and to eliminate the clutch breakage can only properly master.Also note that for replacement of certain parts of the system need a more accurate diagnosis, which is possible only in case of withdrawal of coupling with the machine, so not having special knowledge and skills to motorists, we strongly recommend that you contact the experts.Professional equipment and competent actions to replace the clutch parts will preserve the full performance of this important unit of your car.