How to remove the automatic transmission ?

How to remove the automatic transmission ?

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Removing automatic transmission?

Removal and installation of an automatic transmission - the problem is not the easiest, but still feasible for the average motorist.However, we must act very cautiously and carefully, otherwise you risk damaging the device.

basic points dismantling automatic


Before removing the automatic transmission, you need to take care of the room: in the garage must be either rack or a viewing hole.You can also use the lift.Note that the weight of the device impressive, but it requires a careful attitude.So drop the detached box would be better with the help of special devices such as transmission jack.Make sure that before you start you had everything you need.

Teach that certain brands of car to unscrew bolts needed hexagon socket or a union head.The use of other tools or do not allow the job done quickly and efficiently, or even cause damage to the box.


  1. Drain the oil from the gearbox and differential.If you do not want, then loosening the oil radiator to the oil supply tubes you will either need to quickly put the plug or prepare container in which to merge oil.Otherwise simply pour out liquid to the floor.
  2. Gently, slowly remove all elements that connect the device to the car.It and the connectors of electric cables, pipes and the oil system and mechanical traction control, traction control, cables.Especially gently remove the cooling system, or repair cost nedevesho fitting.
  3. Note that a vacuum-proof-reader (if, of course, there in your car), as well as other components of the gearbox can be supplied with up to three vacuum manifolds.Do not forget to disconnect.
  4. Together with automatic transmission must be disconnected from the engine and remove the converter.To do this, remove the bolts securing the item to the membrane of the flywheel.This can be done either through a window that sits in the crankcase of the engine flywheel or through a window in the place the automatic transmission housing, where the torque converter is located.In some cases, make the necessary operations will be possible only through a starter niche in the crankcase automatic transmission.Before that, of course, need to remove the starter.Dismantling the torque converter in the first place, it will remove the box with great convenience, and secondly, that you eliminate the possibility of damage to the splines on the input shaft and of the membrane to which it is attached.
  5. After all the work on the disconnection from the box cars are made, you need to relax a bit before removing the automatic gearbox.Then go back to the car and again "with a fresh mind," check to see if you are disconnected, everything is taken into account.
  6. Standing under a box, slowly walk your hands along the body, making sure everything is done right, is not there anything you remove the box hurt.If any doubt arise, it is best to remove / move you embarrassing element.Otherwise, then you have to spend money to repair bent / torn / broken components of the system.
  7. At the end, remove the support of an automatic transmission and lower the device down.Thus it is necessary to hold the torque converter or to a slope of the body of the box, to avoid a situation in which this piece slide with input shaft splines and fall to the floor.In this case, it is possible irreparable damage to the device.

As you can see, this work although it is not the most difficult issue in the auto service, but requires a motorist certain knowledge, skills, care and patience, the availability of free time.If you are not sure that the quality will cope with this work, it is better to entrust the professionals procedure.

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