How do Cooney ?

How do Cooney ?

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How do Cooney?

Cunnilingus is a form of oral sex, female sexual arousal by stimulating the clitoris and vulva tongue, lips, fingers.

Cunnilingus - this is without a doubt an art.However, not all men really know, and most importantly - do not always know how to properly do Cooney, than instead of the expected pleasure can deliver partner discomfort, and sometimes even pain.

So, let's see how to make a girl Cooney, what poses the most suitable for this purpose and what mistakes to avoid.

In what positions do Cooney?

excited woman, much less bring her to orgasm is often a lengthy and laborious process.The woman reaches the peak of pleasure is much longer than a man, because of its anatomical structure.

In this connection it is very important when performing cunnilingus choose the most suitable position.In addition to the standard (lying on your back and legs apart), there are many equally interesting poses.Here are some of them:

pose in which the legs girl lie on the shoulders of the partner.At the same time the body weight rests almost entirely on his shoulders.Thanks to this position, there is no overexertion of muscles, and you can easily change the angle and intensity of the application.

Next pose - young woman on all fours, a partner lies beneath it, with his head and shoulders on the pillow.

No less interesting is the pose in which she lies on her back and pulls her knees, Man's head between the girl's legs.

Two more poses very interesting and easy.At the first position girl sitting on the edge of the couch and the partner sat on the floor.In the second - is also on the edge of the couch, but it is.Her partner on the floor, and the girl's legs rest on his chest and knees spread wide (for those who prefer a combination of Cooney and rimming).

is also possible to perform cunnilingus standing.At the same partner, standing in front of the girl on his lap, resting his back against the wall.

This, I think, we review key stop, and in greater detail they can learn by viewing the video on how to do Cooney.And we will move directly to the technique of execution Cooney.

Technique cunnilingus

Embodiments Cooney, as well as pose for Cooney, very diverse.And among all the diversity to select the reception, which is ideal for your girl?Or maybe several of them?The only option - to try several techniques perform Cooney girl and choose the most suitable.So:


Unleash your imagination: the language can be made as broad as possible to capture at once a large area of ​​the genitals;You can make it thin;You can make the language more flexible and can be - hard.Of course, only if it is really like your partner - it is best to ask.And if you know how to turn off your tongue tube - all wonderful.You can wrap the clitoris right into it, it is very original.

Do not forget that you can caress the tongue, not only the clitoris.There are also small and the labia majora, the opening of the vagina, inner thighs, finally.Feel free to explore every possible area, and then you will definitely find what you need.


not get carried away caressing one language only.Turn on the light in the course of sucking the clitoris, the labia minora.To perform this technique you can at the same time using the tongue, lips touching.Many women it's crazy.

also has a stunning effect light absorption of the clitoris with its subsequent release.Try repeating these manipulations several times in a row and you'll see that your girl in seventh heaven.

Contrast Cooney

This technique has a stunning effect.Make contrast Cooney girl does not take much.Before you start you need to arm themselves with two glasses: one should be warm water, and the other - a few ice cubes.You can start with the techniques above.Next, type in your mouth a little bit of warm water and soak a few seconds.Swallow the water and continue to deliver to his girlfriend pleasure over the warm tongue.After a while, take a piece of ice in your mouth and suck it.After removing the ice, keep doing Cooney.Believe me, she will go mad from the hitherto unknown sensations.The main thing that the language was not too cold, and slightly cool not to bring discomfort.


Do not forget that you have fingers.Using your fingers while performing Cooney, the girl can be brought to the jet orgasm!Caressing her tongue enter her fingers into the vagina.Explore the front and rear walls, walk on the most sensitive areas referred to point "G".

can also alternate fingers and tongue to stimulate the clitoris, which is very diverse experiences.Include your imagination, but do not overdo it, so as not to make the girl hurt.


This technique is also quite interesting.To do it, you only need to dial the air in the lungs and very lightly blow on the clitoris girl.Pleasant sensations she guaranteed.But do not get carried away by this method: with frequent and severe inhalation may dizzy until he lost consciousness.Everything should be in moderation.

I think we will focus on this.The human imagination is inexhaustible.Use our tips, invent something of their own to bring your partner pleasure, and she will answer you the same.

errors when performing cunnilingus

large number of men do not even imagine that cunnilingus - is not just a variant of "lick" and a science that requires study and attention on their part.Accordingly, they make a lot of errors, which entails not only discomfort, pain and women's offense.There are even cases of complete failure of the women of this wonderful pleasure.Consider some of the most serious errors during execution Cooney.

  • Men too are actively working hard language, performing with sharp movements of the head.Dear men, female sex organs are very delicate and sensitive, and it is not nice to them.One gets the feeling that "there is" anxiously rubbed with sandpaper.It is unlikely that it will enjoy the majority of women.
  • man rests his nose and chin in the clitoris and vagina.The principle is the same as in the previous error - your chins are very hard, even if well-shaven.Well, as we talk, when the bristles is present?
  • Active and sucked hard clitoris.Most of the men for some reason think that Cooney is reduced exclusively to the sucking of the clitoris, and very active and sharp.This is not true.From Latin "cunnus" - the vulva, iesexual organs fully, and "lingo" - licking.Think again and read an article from the beginning.
  • chatter runtime girl Cooney.Believe me, it's very distracting.Imagine the reverse situation, when a girl makes you a blowjob.At that moment, when you are about to experience the long-awaited moment of maximum pleasure and delight, she breaks away and starts to talk to you, "You're so delicious," "Well, how do you?" "Well, Che, how are you there?"and so on in the same spirit.All the time lost, and it is very annoying.
  • short duration.Often after a few minutes the man says that the girl is already moist, and it's time to get down to business.Yes, it is moist, but this is not a reason to throw all without bringing the matter to its logical conclusion.On the contrary, copious evidence that you are on the right track, and your partner is in a state of bliss.

postures, techniques and errors can be listed for a long time.The main thing in this case - the reaction of your partner.Pay attention to it, picks up her reaction, talk to her about it and, of course, self-development.