How to adjust the clutch ?

How to adjust the clutch ?

Operating any vehicle assumes its maintenance.But without knowing the regulations and doubting the correctness of his actions, it is not necessary to climb under the hood of the car.This article will explain how to adjust the grip truck MAZ.

device clutch

The MAZ dry clutch, two-disc, arranged on the friction type with the springs located on the periphery of a cylindrical shape.It was found in the cast cast-iron crankcase.It is intended for the separation of a short crankshaft of the engine with the gearbox, as well as their smooth connection at the time when the vehicle is started and when the speed change further.

must know how to adjust the clutch, ie,check it out, lubricate the actuator and release bearing lubrication by following the map.It is necessary to regularly monitor how tight the mounting bolts clutch housing with flywheel casing.Tightening should be 8-10 kgm.This should be a uniform motion, with criss-cross sequence.After tightening the bolts, secure them by tilting the antennae locking plates on the edge of the bolt head.

clutch and drive adjustment

Rules MAZ vehicle operation provide for such adjustment:

  • adjustable size quantities of waste leading middle disc, which provide the necessary clearances clutch surface after shutting
  • adjustment shameful values ​​of end cap of the valve body and adjusting nut
  • adjust the clutch pedal
  • take a set of keys (carob and flare) and a ruler with a caliper.

Stages adjustment

  1. to conduct a full clutch adjustment, first it is necessary to adjust the extent of intermediate drive plate.This will provide the necessary clearance workers clutch surfaces.In addition, it is necessary to adjust the gap end of the valve cover body and the adjusting nut, and then carry out the adjustment operation of the clutch pedal.
  2. Next you need to determine how to remove a leading disk medium by removing hatch covers before that with the clutch and flywheel housings.For this to hold, it is necessary to engage the clutch and set the neutral position of a transmission.Then, rotate the flywheel, thus screwing up the end of the four adjustment screws in the middle leading disk.Pre-need to unscrew the screw on the locknut.
  3. Continuing to turn the flywheel, it is necessary to unscrew one turn adjusting screws and lock nuts to fix them.Tightening the lock nut, do not put a huge effort, and it is best to hold the adjusting screw in order to avoid the bias of the adjusted clearance.
  4. take measurements of the gap between the end of the back cover of the valve body and the adjustment nut, which should be from 3.3 mm to 3.7 mm.To control the amount of clearance is necessary after each TO-2.Regulation of this is carried out loosening the clamp lock nut and the establishment of the desired size of the gap.After that, it is necessary to tighten the lock nut, without violating the established gap.
  5. The next step will be how to adjust the clutch pedal.This will require a line with which, after venting of the pneumatic system, it will be necessary to measure the magnitude of the pedal.It should fit 34-43 mm.Control of the freewheel should be carried out after each of TO-1.Before this, it is necessary to ensure that this gap is set to normal.
  6. To adjust the pedal free travel is necessary to separate the double-arm lever with pedal valve stem and fork fork clutch cylinder rod.This transfer cylinder piston to the bottom, and the bottom edge of the double-arm lever take in the opposite direction until it stops.It is necessary to ensure that the hole plugs to the cylinder rod and lever have been aligned by approximately 50%.In the event up or down must be brought to the desired size by rotating the cylinder rod.
  7. final stage of how to adjust the grip on Maze, there is a link lever and all the disconnected elements, regulation of the distance between the holes by rotating forks forks themselves.Will make it difficult for a large depreciation of the friction lining discs.In this case, it will be necessary to rearrange the double-arm lever on slot 1 counterclockwise.After that, re-adjust the clutch pedal.