How do I change the oil in the automatic transmission ?

How do I change the oil in the automatic transmission ?

The most common problem is the drivers to change the oil.Despite the fact that each car comes with instruction, which allows you to do this, yet most uses SRT expensive services.And indeed there are some difficulties in the process, which might lead to a deadlock.So, in this article, we describe in detail about how to change the oil in the automatic transmission on their own, avoiding the various errors, and what there are advantages and disadvantages of such a process.

It is important to know

Before answering the question of how to change the oil in the automatic transmission, it is worth considering a few things that will understand itself the oil pollution in the process of transmission.Because without this knowledge, there is much to watch out for when replacing the liquid itself.So, we list them:

  • located on the oil in the gearbox, is not affected by soot, oil and condensate.
  • particles formed during the friction mechanisms inside the car, contaminate the oil.
  • swarf constrain oil filters, which are in many car models.
  • 95 degrees - the temperature of a standard, which should be in the gearbox.Otherwise, liquid will deteriorate.Furthermore, if the temperature is about 200 degrees, the oil does not remain.
  • Even if the oil contains special additives with a view of that there was no foaming and corrosion properties are lost with time.
  • Ideally, the oil level in the gearbox does not change, but a variety of possible failure, for which, its level decreases.Therefore, you should always check it.

All these moments are practically inevitable, regardless of vehicle mileage.Therefore, they must be considered in order to avoid various breakdowns, which in turn will lead to transmission failure and other troubles.

Oil change

Now we can go directly to the main question of how to change the oil in the automatic transmission itself, which is quite simple.Consider a detailed step by step instructions, to help with this task easily handle any newcomer of the case.


  • establish the car on the overpass, as lying under it do it extremely inconvenient.
  • Remove the pan and pour out the old, contaminated oil.
  • Change the filter if it has a strain, if not, then we wash it, dry them and put back.
  • Now put the tray back.
  • Talking about how to fill the oil in the automatic transmission, it is worth noting that this is done through a special filler neck.
  • start the engine by moving the WFD in each existing range are constantly stopping for a few seconds.
  • Check the oil level, and if necessary, top up.

most common mistakes

As you can see, the process is not only simple, but also does not take much time.That alone is worth to remember that you can make a lot of mistakes, so it made for a time when independent oil change.Subsequently, it is still necessary to address on HUNDRED.A more detailed list the disadvantages of independent oil change in the gearbox:

  • filter can have the smallest deformations are noticed only by a specialist.In this case, returning the old filter in place, will continue to cause problems.
  • Usually independent oil change, cleaning of the contamination is not perfect, so the new oil to dilute the old and will soon have to change it again.
  • rare to reveal the real reason oil contamination and reduce its level.At home, this process is impossible.But the service station using a special technique for the diagnosis of automatic transmission.
  • different car models have their own characteristics, which can be not taken into account in the process of replacing the oil that will only worsen his condition.
  • now tell you about how to make this process that there was virtually no chance to make the above mentioned mistakes:
  • is worth noting that a similar process it is necessary to study the instructions of a particular car model, which will be written about how to change the oiland what mechanisms are inside.Also worth reading as tighten the bolts, as there are its own peculiarities.
  • Purifying filter and internal mechanisms of the old oil, it is necessary to use special additives in order to make it perfect and then, the new fluid is not mixed up with the contaminated oil.
  • Despite the fact that the appearance on the filter is no strain, is still better to install a new filter, because otherwise it can lead to serious damage of all the car.

Now that you know the basic features of the replacement of oil in the automatic transmission, and thus be able to avoid the common mistakes that can lead to very serious consequences.Also, if the service station most of all, you can immediately change the oil yourself.Remember that in any case it is necessary to find the reason oil contamination or reducing its level, it is necessary to apply at the earliest opportunity, with the help of a specialist.