How to survive a divorce ?

How to survive a divorce ?

Today we present you instructions on how to survive divorce.This is not a trivial advice: go into a job, children, draw attention to themselves or even worse, "time heals".We will help you to start a new life clear concrete steps!

And to begin with some statistics about divorce:

  • When the cause of the divorce becomes the third person, that is husband or wife goes to his mistress (ku), a new passion seems to be a man better than you (prettier, younger, smarter, richer, sweeter and more. d.).But statistics - an exact science, and according to it, two-thirds of the initiators of divorce for this reason, already after 3 years, consider that a mistake.They understand that the former (s) were much more worthy of this partner.
  • If you do not know how to survive a divorce from her husband, and think that you are now worse than him, you can be close to the truth.But the facts show that divorced men waiting for "deferred postrazvodnaya depression" at a time when women have already gone through the whole nightmare and began madly to enjoy the freedom!Here is one of the latest research in the UK on the topic: after her divorce from her husband in women as a result of improved health outcomes and mental state.Judging by the poll, after 2 years after the divorce, 47% of women madly glad his release, and 31% are very happy!But most of the men after the same period of feeling emptiness and sadness.
  • Do not believe the rumors and myth, that "to the former will not be returned," trust the harsh statistics: Every 4 man in the big cities of Russia again officially concludes marriage with his ex-wife, and each 3 man would dream to do it.

Instructions how to survive divorce

  1. Forget the silly phrase "time heals", it does not fit you!This myth is terrible that you do not forget the relationship with the man, and push unpleasant feelings deep down.That is, they do not disappear in fact, but simply hidden.It's like a scar on the soul of a little bad weather, he immediately zanoet ... Due to the laws of our psyche, and in particular associative memory, divorce and former (th) will be remembered from time to time and torment as soon as any change remind break.Has not worked, do not released the pain and hurt will pursue all his life and, perhaps, already spoil a new relationship.So, what if the husband has left?How to survive a divorce and work problems?The most important and the first step to ensure that the divorce is not ruined your life: simple!I'm sorry for everything, not only for separation, for all that you did not like.The joint life were certainly moments of happiness, thanked in his partner's heart.Total Recall is necessary, however painful it was not, thanks for the good, the bad and sorry for release with good thoughts.Leaving memories only the positive aspects, resentment and pain will not haunt you forever.Is it not logical: once the associative memory will work in a reminder of the former (s), then you will remember the good, not the pain.Once you understand this, you are ready to proceed to the next stage of work.
  2. not have to act according to the rule: "a new hobby will go through divorce with the former quickly (it)."In terms of tactics, all right, it will be easier, there will be new feelings will be male attention.And from the point of view of strategy, it can destroy your happiness!After all, the truth did not you build a relationship with love and with the compensation of the former ... Why rush to the first comer, because compensation will want to leave or stay, and miss the real Love.What to do?Do not focus on one new partner, accept courtship from different individuals of the opposite sex, walk, enjoy the attention of many!You will feel when you're ready for a serious relationship.
  3. dispel another myth.To survive the divorce, it is not necessary to go to work, children to live and so on. D. Of course, you have to do is, rather than lying in bed.But the release of energy in the track, which simply has to hand - not the best option.The consequences of such behavior: workaholism with neurotic disorders or overprotection of children and the failure of their future life.What to do?It is necessary to remember about yourself that you have always been interested in most of all, perhaps, in a marriage you something was forbidden?Get out into what you really like!But do not just ... Make a list of goals, start small, do what you want, without thinking about others!You are free and can afford to ALL!