How to survive the separation?

How to survive the separation?

Separation - an ordeal for people who love each other.But we must realize that rarely anyone turns never give up even for a short period of time.And if there was a situation where the favorite or favorite must go, it is better not to despair and not to count every second before the meeting, and try to spend time with benefits.

Positive moments

Almost any positive aspects can be found in every life event.And if your loved one leaves, it is not necessary to spend days thinking how to survive the separation, to dwell on their suffering, locked in the house alone.Separation refreshing feeling, promotes the transition to a new level of love.And for this can be a time and be patient.And so the days passed quickly, you can find a lot of exciting activities.

You have free time to it to do what you've always wanted to do but did not succeed.You can meet up with friends or friends, go to the theater, the exhibition, join the pool, etc.Active pastime is a great way how to survive the separation, especially in the first few days after separation.

If you enjoy crafts, but did not find his hobbies early for enough time, and now you can not only remember your passion, but also a great cook a surprise for your loved one.Tie him a warm sweater or scarf original, embroider a picture, or make some other surprise made with his own hands.

will help you work

Try to pay more attention to their own work.Maybe we should do some additional projects, find a home income, enroll in training courses or learn a new profession?However, too much emphasis on the job is not worth doing, otherwise you simply overtired, and mental and physical fatigue is not conducive to a positive attitude.

Take a

Pay attention to your appearance.The best way to survive the separation from loved ones, and the appointment be made even more pleasant - a change for the better.Visit the hairdresser, beautician to sign up, go through a course of anti-aging procedures, etc.You can engage in sports.Time spent in good health club, will not only improve your figure, but also improve mood.

Do not forget about the loved one

Despite the fact that at the time of separation, you will have a lot of pleasant cares and troubles, its a loved one should not be forgotten.Try to make sure that even at a distance the man felt he dear to you, and how you need it.Modern means of communication make it possible to feel close to someone who is on the other side of the world.Set the "Skype", use e-mail.Tells loved how spend time wondering what he was doing, and, of course, discuss your feelings and plan a future meeting.