How to survive a breakup ?

How to survive a breakup ?

Most people are very seriously worried about the break in relations.It does not matter, it was the fleeting passion, or true love.Especially hard to survive this crisis, when the initiative was from your partner.We will talk about how to survive a breakup and continue to move forward.

How to survive the rupture of relations:

tips Here are some tips that can help you cope with life stress:

  • very important after parting not to give up and move on.Try to find what is happening around something positive.
  • Liberate your emotions, weep, pokrichite, complain to her friend.
  • Try to live in the present day.Do not think about what will happen in a month or a year, it casts you longing and sadness, and the future seems grim and unnecessary.
  • Set yourself on the positive.Remember that only the strong people are able to cope with such situations.A weak only evoke pity of others.
  • Try to see everything around you in a positive.It can be people or ordinary things.Be sure that life will change for the better.
  • Engage in new business or hobby.Join a gym, go to any concert, start interested in art.You do not even notice how will distract from your problems and experiences.
  • not angry with the whole world.All people suffer differently experiences - many with head withdrawal, closed from all over the world, no longer communicating with people.Try not to fall into this category, because life goes on.Take a break as a temporary stage that you just need to survive.And this must be done as quickly as possible.
  • Treat parting as a life experience, enables us to take a fresh look at the world.This time, much wider and more colorful.

Opinion psychologists

They argue that the most painful place breaks the established relationship.Especially we are talking about long-term marriages, when it comes to the need for divorce and termination of the relationship.It is easier in this situation is the one who made the decision to leave, for another person it is like a bolt from the blue.

Psychologists advise in this situation, remember that nothing can make your life happy, but yourself.Time - the best doctor.It will cure all your wounds.The main thing - do not sit idly by.Remember that you can always cry on the shoulder of her best friend, to arrange a relaxing shopping break or a nightclub.

Men Women interested to know how men are going through relationship break.It is believed that for them it does not make any difficulties.Of course, most men quickly adapt, find their new passion.There may even marry, although the heart can still live the idea that you - the best and most beloved woman in their lives.

Of course, there are men who are depressed.In this case it even harder to survive the separation, than women.Consolation is often at the bottom of the bottle or in a dedicated work.At this point it appears that virtually no real friends, there is a huge amount of everyday problems that do not anyone to help him.

There is a category of men who can not be a long time to create a new relationship.And it's not looking at the fact that they were in favor of divorce, even imagine a happy carefree future full of entertainment, drinking and chic girls.But samom- then it turned out that an escape from family responsibilities is not so sweet as a fantasy.In such a situation a man can only sympathize.

Now you know how to survive a breakup, and what to do in such a situation.Remember that life is what you make it yourself.