How to survive the separation from loved ones ?

How to survive the separation from loved ones ?

Parting always be called loss.And separation from loved is experienced as total loss, the destruction of all life, when everything reminds about it, and at the same time, all the emptiness, because I do not need anything without him.The first thoughts that haunt you - this denial, it is very difficult to believe in such a huge loss.When the shock and denial are, there is anger and aggression to the guy.After this comes the furious stage of compromise, "I am guilty," You are trying to bring back a loved one, are ready to make any steps towards reconciliation.After unsuccessful attempts to get it back there humility and an awareness of the situation.Emotions go, many fall into a state of depression, as even at the level of consciousness to understand the irreversibility of the situation.All passes ... and it will take place.There comes a stage adaptation, when a person has decided to live on, he was a little gained strength.Formed the image of the new world and ourselves in it.These steps

experience of parting with her beloved is the psychological side of the question.After reading them, you will better understand its internal state, learn what is happening to you or going.This is necessary so as not to suppress all the unconscious feelings deep inside, otherwise you will not be able to move on, and each wrong time, they will float you and interfere with the new beautiful life.

How to survive the separation - advice

Now it's time to talk about practical tips on how to survive the separation from loved ones.Elena Rvacheva wrote a wonderful book, "How to return a loved one? 49 simple rules."The book is a terrific entry in the direction of a new life and makes it easier to go through the pain of parting.Let us briefly consider what rules you must follow.


Take a sheet of paper and make a list of the advantages of breaking up with a guy.Just think, now you can do, the sooner she could not do it.Compiled list?Hang it on the wall, it is possible even in a frame.

plans for the future.Albeit they do not come looking for a new husband.Enjoy the advantages of bachelorhood.Think about what you would like it.Buy a notebook out of it, we will do a "dream book."Write down there all their plans and intentions, clippings pasted to the desired things to decorate your life, let it be bright!

Let us yourself!Casual Encounters with the former has not been canceled.You should look like "a million dollars" at any moment.You yourself must believe that separation from loved you went to the benefit.Manicure, solarium, beautiful hair, hair removal and perfect make-up - your best friend right now.

Do not want to be at the center of gossip of relatives and friends?Do not give food for violent fantasies.Specifically tested the phrase: "We broke up because he did not get along," "we are not ready for a serious relationship," "we are too different."Admit it, and to discuss there is nothing.And another important piece of advice: to describe to friends and relatives all the nightmares and horrors of parting with her lover - not the best option.Life is so unpredictable, that maybe someday you'll be with him together again, and girlfriend recently heard from you, what a bastard he is.

praise himself, compliments of the mirror!Do not miss this rule.Start yourself to truly love is not so simple.Love yourself, and you will love others.

What to do next?

Make a tight schedule, so there was no room for nonsense and tantrums.In addition, the unavailability always attracts ... Rank career.Let profitable cure for parting with her husband will be moving up the career ladder or earn extra income.Because now you can devote more time to his promotion.

You overcomes anger and rage?Find a secluded place and swear loudly, do not limit yourself censorship expressions.You can not save yourself aggression.

Do you want revenge?First of all, do not be ashamed.The main thing that then was not ashamed.Worked for revenge.It should bring you benefits.Some start their business, but you can just be happy!

When revenge has passed, you forgave the former, forgive yourself.People tend along with positive emotions feel disgusting feeling for which then may become ashamed.Forgive yourself, you're not alone!

Believe me, you're not the only one to whom this has happened.Come to the forum, how to survive the separation, see movies, read about celebrities, faced with this.

Do not be shy to ask for help.And better with a specialist.Psychologist, like no other, will help start a new life and to cope with the experience of the pain of separation.

Help friends and self-development

bachelorette party help for sure!Feel strong and independent in the company of friends.Success is on its way!

When the stage of denial and shock behind and kills you depressed, which means that all share the sorrows of his separation is possible even with enthusiasm with everyone!Enthusiasm will leave you to have up to 4 people, and the history and the experience will not be as exciting.

emotion subsided, and resentment remained.Urgently!Urgent get rid of it!Write in a notebook a list of their grievances on the former, and opposite each - what can you do to forgive him.

Alcohol does not tell you how to survive the separation from loved ones, and will dial his number and a lot of problems and shame after a fun-filled evening.Hormones of joy still needed - a little chocolate, oranges, dancing, swimming and stay in the sun.

Make yourself happy, then happiness will always be with you.To make it easier, the head of "the book of records of happiness."- Your task is to write down every day in it for at least three good moments of the day.Try to increase the positive list every day.Beats his record of luck you need on a daily basis.Do not ignore the small joys.

New Life

coped with the denial of emotions, sadness, melancholy and anger, it is time to start a new life after parting with her beloved.The new notebook write the sphere of his life, and set specific objectives for each of them.Tasks are broken down into sub-tasks, so that they could carry out right now.Tighten with the actions impossible.

To get a better feel a new wonderful life, change clothes, create a new image, change your hairstyle.Importantly, do not forget every day and look charmingly to please himself in the mirror.

Now, finally, about the personal life time to think.Look around.By getting rid of the strong emotions of parting with her husband or lover, you will not compare with the ex-partner's current boyfriend, you're not going to rush to the first comer, and to step on the same rake.

Online help - the head profile on a dating site.Even if you do not find "the very" self-esteem will rise exactly from hundreds of ardent messages in your address.

Finally, praise yourself, you only overcame, learned so much, learned himself, made his life happy!And thanked his former for a new happy life!