How to be a lover ?

Women who were married, hate mistresses.They, of course, has his reasons.Only no one thinks that the girls in this role, too, is not easy.Lover - a woman walking on some conditions, it is a parallel world, and she knows about it.Let's talk about how to be a mistress.

Stereotypes and Reality

More people have long settled opinion is that the mistress - a second-rate woman who is on the 10 place in the lives of men.In fact, this is not always the case, but the lover and beloved - are two different things.

Yet it is no secret that the secret of his passion apostate (man) remembers only when it is something very tired or something is missing.Some simply excited by understanding that behind his rival two beauties.This increases manhood, and the man feels happy.The wife does not relax, she's always in good shape.Sometimes a man wants two different women.I'm tired of him always perfectly groomed intelligent wife, he finds vulgar untidy girl who creates a contrast in life bored him.He goes to his "secret" for an hour to get a charge of emotion, and plunge into the festive atmosphere.

How to live mistress

  • you need to create a celebration of his life.Otherwise, why would he go to you?Monotony of everyday life and his home enough.
  • wife can afford to be sometimes in a negligee.Bathrobe, slippers, hair curlers, not shaved legs a couple of days - it's her privilege.You should always look perfect.A sexy, well-groomed, elegant - only this he wants to return.
  • not learn to live with it, learn to coexist.Do not look for it around the assistant, do not ask to go to the grocery store, take out the trash, fix anything in the house, etc.From this, to some degree, and it is running.The man came for a short time, it was beautiful and well maintained, given minute of happiness and disappeared.If he stays with you all night, lives in two families, the outcome is already on the capabilities of your nervous system.Even if you teshite themselves hope of a life together, do not allow yourself to is the idea of ​​a beautiful wedding and children.Men do not like to talk about the children, especially, think about it: if he is able to throw their children and go to you, then where is the guarantee that once he just does not go with you and your child?

agreement on love

Before you get married, the husband and wife enter into a contract.In it they indicate how will live, how to raise children, to distribute the family budget, etc.If this contract is not present, in any case they are discussing it with each other.

With his mistress happens all the way.Some women say that they are satisfied that the lover comes for an hour.They themselves are married and they do not need more.But free girls think so only at the beginning."I will come to you very briefly.""Good"."We are each other's holiday and nothing more.""Agree".Then, over time, the girl in the head, strange things happen, she begins to dream of marriage, joint children.She wants to associate himself and some duties, come out on top in the competition with his wife.How to be a mistress in such a position?


«When the dream has come true, better to die" - this is purely a man's opinion.You must understand that if evolved to his wife, lose the charm of the whole point.He wants to run to you, and secretly revel in your presence, and do not wake up next day by day.It may at first glance, it seems that he wants to leave his wife and children and be with you.No.Think about it, why did he not do so?Too small a number of men to marry their mistresses.And if this happens, then hiking to his wife home, for example, on the day of his son's birth never ends.And, believe me, the relationship of those who tied the knot can never be completely break, and when the wife will become a mistress, you compete with it certainly will not work.

How to be a lover?And whether it be at all costs?Maybe better to find her man?Not someone else's, not occupied, but only his personal?Start living from scratch, not Tesha yourself unrealistic expectations.Maybe you need this?