How to behave with a lover ?

In life there are situations when a woman becomes the mistress of a married man, or being married, has a lover.We will not delve into the moral and ethical questions, it's a must do himself.We just analyze the behavior of women and tell you how to behave with her lover.

is important to decide what kind of relationship you are impressed, and that at this moment you have to offer.

together until well both

If you are not going to stay with that person for life, and the relationships necessary to build lighter, not preparing the foundation for a future family.But still you want to see in the eyes of the partner's love and enjoy his respect and affection.

  • Less talk to him about your life that exists without him.Moreover, it is not necessary to discuss the loved ones, speaking ill of them.If
  • lover asks you to give - do not be too modest.Feel free to ask for expensive things, of course, within its capabilities (or just a little bit higher than them).
  • How to behave with a lover?Do not tie it to yourself too, that these relations could break easily.
  • not allow for you to solve daily issues.It is unacceptable that a lady lover dictating how to dress or how often to visit the barber.However, there are exceptions.If the partner incurs financial costs of the mistress, some decisions he has the right to influence.

Today - lover, tomorrow - the wife

If you want to build a long term relationship with a partner and to become his wife, the strategy of behavior should be different.I wanted to make it clear to her lover that you shared future and your priorities are consonant with its values.

should not cause jealousy in the lover.Some women can not live without a partner to keep on our toes.They are trying to create an ambiguous situation and show your man if you do not rival, or at least the appearance of it.This behavior only alienate you from the partner.He even jealous, will experience the feeling that you - not his woman.Therefore, jealousy can be called only to past events and people in your life.That is, giving to understand that the person who loved you, is now far away.

How to behave with a lover?Try to plan your future with him.If you are going to make a major purchase, consult with him and try to make it appear that this thing is bought and also for him.For example, a sofa in the living room should not only overlap with the color of curtains and wallpaper.It should be comfortable for couples where your partner will feel comfortable.

is important to create a common circle.Simply put, get mutual friends.Let them take you only as a pair.Invite them to imagine or come to visit them alone together.And the more you will have such friends - the better.

If a lover - miser

Separately want to dwell on the situation, when the lover does not want to spend money on gifts and help your woman financially.How to behave with a lover, if he miser?Favorite person who regrets money to buy for the ladies - a pitiable sight.It is important to immediately establish a relationship so that he could not buy you a present a pair of gloves.

  • We must not be afraid to talk about what you want to receive.Men can not guess, they are not as thin feel your mood as women.In addition, the man is easier to pretend that everything is fine, if you do not convince him otherwise.
  • Do not try to cook him a delicious dinner, if he did not give you money for products.Tell me what you would like to try the lobster.Let him think that it is better - to take you to a restaurant or buy groceries.That is, give him the opportunity to save money, but will not go beyond the framework outlined by you.
  • shopping business together.It is very difficult to choose something cheaper, if there is a woman, whose opinion is not indifferent to him.

Do not forget that your lover ordinary man.And, regardless of whether you like it, it has disadvantages.Try to soberly assess its cons, do not wear rose-colored glasses constantly.Then frustration will cover you do not suddenly, and life will always be joy and fun.