How to fall in love with a womanizer ?

How to fall in love with a womanizer ?

Everyone in my life experienced such a wonderful feeling, like love.If we talk about men, among them there are those who give their heart a single of his lady, but there are those who pay attention to many girls and uptime are popular with them.If you put it in the eyes of the Man, then you will be difficult to win it.But as they say, love of evil.So, how to fall in love with a womanizer?

The most important thing you need to know for yourself is that this young man will always be the other woman.This is not correct.However, to exist peacefully together, you will not need to pay attention to it, to pretend as though nothing was happening.During courtship, not frighten him.No need to check his mobile phone, listen to him talk, to call and arrange a questioning where he was.And most importantly, you need to understand yourself - you can not arrange hysterics on these occasions.Besides womanizer very jealous, so you will at the same time to behave impeccably.

Another important point which we must not forget - it has to be comfortable with you.So you have to praise him, to cherish, and in any case, not to criticize.If you want to tell him something unpleasant, do it in the most gentle manner.

not necessary to impose on such a young man's responsibility and the large number of cases.It all has to go with it.You should know that all the decisions you slide the take on their own, both in courtship and in the future for long-term relationships.You must be rear for him, maybe even the same material.

course, you should be well-groomed, beautiful, glamorous woman.You should have your own unique image.However, it should be changed at least once a month, so he gave the impression that he had with different women.Then the guy is not bored attitude.Can be a bit bitchy - praise him, then say something nasty, then again praise.Play emotions, be alive!

to fall in love with a womanizer need to become his mistress.Spend an unforgettable night with him, give unusual gifts, surprises do.

And finally - be his girlfriend!Always look for common themes to talk about interests.Mess and smile, it will give you ease, and men love light girls.Let him be with you as much fun as anyone ever had.After all, who knows, maybe this is the ladies' man you see in the very unique woman of his dreams, and will change it for you.