How to forget the man ?

How to forget the man ?

Love - a wonderful feeling, which, unfortunately, is often short-lived.Along with the joys of living together in love can get a serious injury after breaking up with his half.They suffer in such a situation, of both sexes, but women are especially prone to depressive states after the loss of a loved one.Often at a reception at the psychologist woman asked the same question: how to forget the man you love and then heal full and colorful life, and later found a new love?Let's try to answer this question.

How to forget a man: Tips

reasons for separation can be many: loss of understanding, new love, disagreements and quarrels, sexual frustration, finally, the death of a partner.In any case, the person, the remaining one is experiencing severe psychological trauma, after which bounce pretty hard.Depression can last for several years, knocking you out of the normal rhythm of life.To avoid this, psychologists have developed some guidelines that tell us how to forget the former man.

  • Limit contact.You do not need to communicate with a man at least a couple of months.Remove it from friends VKontakte, on Skype and other social networks;do not pick up the phone, do not answer SMS, do not open the door.Let it be clear position in mind: all this is the final break and there is no turning back!At the expiration of the time when passion poulyagutsya and you calm down, it is necessary to meet with the former partner, and thank you for all that was good, and explain that you are not happy in the relationship.You may be able to maintain friendly relations.
  • Remove anything that reminds of him.You do not have to burn a joint photos and scissor dresses donated to them.It is enough to collect all the things that remind us of the former partner in the box and place it away under the sofa.Update your interior, buy new decor items to replace bestowed.
  • Hobby.Perhaps when you were in a relationship, you do not have enough time for their hobbies.Now you have time to spare.It's time to remember what you like to start your novel: perhaps you are engaged in dancing, yoga, macramé, knit or embroidered cross.If you did not have a hobby, you get it.Think that you are most attracted to, what would you like to do or what is useful to you in career growth.
  • Loneliness.Do not stay long with their negative thoughts - meet friends, relatives, acquaintances.Visit theaters, art galleries, museums, fashion shows, concerts.Force yourself to do it by force - after a while the interest and taste for life back!Do not just sit at home like a monk-hermit and bewail their bitter fate.Another good option, go on holiday, for example, with a friend.New experiences will help you to unwind and look at life with different eyes.
  • Love yourself.If you are now there is nobody to love, then you love the dearest person to you - yourself!More often pamper yourself, buy a favorite treat, go to a beauty salon, pick yourself a new hairstyle, change the style of clothing.
  • Sometimes girls fall in love with the married.How to forget a married man?Convince yourself that you deserve more than to be his mistress.Being a lover, you are wasting time and losing a chance to find your soul mate and create your own family.

Here are some tips on how to remember a man.Love yourself, love life, and very soon you will find a new love!