How to fall in love with a man?

How to fall in love with a man?

It is a long time you like, but you do not see any reciprocity.Often, thinking about how to fall in love with a man, many women are missing one important point: to achieve love of man, we must try to deal with them right from the start of your relationship.And then it happens that a man develops is not very good impression of the woman, and she feels that he wants love.But this does not mean that correct their past mistakes can not.Can!Only in this way fall in love with a man will be harder than in a relationship with a clean slate.So try initially to behave properly with men.Who knows, maybe you'll want to behold the man from a neighboring office become your lover?

How to fall in love with a man - tips

In some women fall in love with a man, so much so that then get married !?Become a woman it is not hard, just enough to understand male psychology and a little change themselves.

woman who has not yet met the man, but really wants to meet, to be ready for it.This means that it must always look spick and span.We need to live so that others saw a happy look and welcoming smile of the woman.We need to open your heart, which is looking forward to happy relationships.Your desire will transform you, and you will become attractive to men.

Do not be afraid to take the initiative when meeting.A good reason for dating - pertinent joke or asking for help.At the same time - a genuine smile.

not disclose all the cards ahead of time.On a first date do not need to be intrusive, peresskazyvat his whole life to the age of five, to complain about their problems.It remains a mystery to him.Be interested in his life, ask and listen carefully, with a lot of themselves do not tell.Make him a nice compliment.The man certainly appreciate it.

man by nature - a hunter.He was not interested in mining, which itself floats in hand.After the first meeting do not ask him about the next one.If you have it hooked up, he will propose to meet again, and write and call.

Try not to cause his negative emotions.Suppose you had only associated very good, bright, interesting.Avoid criticism and desire to subjugate man to his desires.Allow him to take care of you, and do not make do it.He should feel that you do not want to make him love me, and he is trying to achieve your favor.

At the same time you do not have to be cold and indifferent to him.Not to alienate man.Make it a pleasant surprise or a nice unobtrusive gift - muzhchiy love attention.Admire them, try to get carried away by the fact that it is interesting - he will be pleased to help you in a new reality for you.

Try to keep your first meetings were vivid and memorable.So you will have more chances to make him love me.

Find the total you have with him and try to emphasize this.The more pairs in common, the stronger their union and stronger feelings.Use as if by chance his favorite phrases in the speech, often agree with his point of view (only his is not lost), copy his movements.

main thing - to show man his warm, gentle attitude toward it, their interest and desire to be together, but at the same time, he needs to see you in a self-sufficient, self-confident woman.When a woman is not trying his best to chain himself to a man, he does not want to go away from it.

How do you know that a man in love

you are doing everything possible, but understand that the man is in love?Behavior love with men like nothing else shows his feelings, and the woman who understands this can easily affect the relationship.How to behave in love with a man?

He wants you intimacy.The man who, after several meetings with the woman, and not immediately from the first date indicates your desire to have sex, obviously interested.A woman who is sexual desire, has great chances to become a favorite for him.

He seeks emotional contact.Without feelings on one naked bed of love can not be built.In love with a man will look to you constant communication.He will call, write, often appear where you spend time.He will try to interest you, to draw, to open for themselves your spiritual world.

He let you in my life.Men carefully avoid encroachment on his personal life, but when they are in love, you want to meet a woman with her.Lover man willingly will call you to his home, meet friends and relatives.

Lover man willing to sacrifice something for the sake of the relationship.For example, to spend the evening with you, he will cancel the meeting with friends.To please you, he will offer to look with some interesting film, not to hold the whole evening for your favorite computer.

He wants to take care of you.Breakfast in bed, small surprises, gifts ... In love with a man is ready to protect and defend you.He always comes to help in time of need, support, help, they can.It is a pleasure to see you happy and contented, for your sincere "thank you" he is ready to move mountains ...

It does not hurt you intentionally.In love with a man just do not understand how you can make a bad favorite.He is not only willing to punish the offender, but he never do.