How to write the former ?

How to write the former ?

Until recently, you were together, shared joys and sorrows, happy and sad ... But sooner or later ends, and a girl from the "favorite" became a "former".Not so easy to forget the relationship, especially if they are long.Any break - it's a pain.Sometimes you want to pick up the phone and call her or write.What to write ex-girlfriend?Before answering this question, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the letter.

What do you want to get your message?

Why do you want to disturb the tranquility of your girlfriend?Do you want to return it, or say goodbye?From the target will depend on the contents of the letter.

  • Completion relations.If you leave, it is very correct to write a letter and dot all the i.If the separation - that's a bargain, do not whine, complain about the heavy fate, because you - a representative of the stronger sex.Do not blame and do not scold the former, it is better to give thanks for what has been with you all this time.Ask for forgiveness for the pain caused to her, this is especially true if the separation occurred on your initiative.It is best to remain friends after breaking up, or at least to maintain friendly relations - must offer it in the letter.
  • return the girl.If you desperately want to return to the former, the approach should be used very different.Do not rush to heap ex-girlfriend love letters and messages in the hope of its return.Remember that after parting must pass about a month before trying to get her back.During this month, you need to completely abandon the dialogue with her: no phone calls, emails, sms, no matter how scratched hands.It is necessary to cool down, come down, to understand why there was a gap, then to correct their mistakes.

What not to write the former

first understand, what messages should not write.Typically, these guys write messages of despair in the first days or weeks after the separation.Do not rush, or breaking anything

  • Negative, furious: You ruined everything, I hate you, fool, etc. It is clear that no girl will be happy to such a post is likely to think that knowingly broke up with you..and certainly will not want to come back to you.So try to throw out the negative as something different.
  • tears, snot: Darling, I'm sorry, give me a chance, I can not live without you, etc. This message appears pathetic and unworthy of a man...Girls do not like weak men.The report also carries the negative emotions.
  • Molestation: Explain what I did wrong?How do I fix it?What I you do not like, and so on. D. All of these issues should have been set at the time of your novel, be attentive to your girlfriend, to notice if its something upset, and the moments when she was not happy with you.

How to write the former girlfriend to get her back

As already mentioned, you need to pause, to make the girl feel the loss of depth.Then you can start with the easy companionship: ask how she's doing, what new has happened during this time.Take a sincere interest in her life, but do not be pushy.Do not attempt to return the relationship immediately.The main thing - avoid negativity and romantic impulses at an early stage.Gradually, when you feel the correspondence that she is to you, move on to talk about their feelings.