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How to fall in love with any ?

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How to fall in love with any?

art of seduction has developed a very long time.Previously, it had certain attitudes and patterns of behavior with women.Today it is transformed not only into the complex system comprising a plurality of elements, but even almost a science.Many people have heard about the term "pick-up".Pickup Girls are sure that you can get any girl.Learn and you will fall in love with himself any.

essence pickup

pickup in nature - it is a system transformation of the individual.The term comes from the «pick up» English phrase that means "pick up", "pick up."Most people think that this collection of sample phrases and actions that will lead to the immediate result - the seduction of the girl and her love.However, everything is much more complicated.

Today published a lot of books about the pick-up, there are even training on the pickup, passing that, you can become a real Don Juan.Of course, it needs to do a great job of self-improvement.An experienced person who studies pickup equipment, is constantly working on yourself, and pick-up will not be visible, it will look natural, not willfully.

often we hear negative attitude to the truck, people do not accept it.Everything happens because such a model of behavior does not correspond to the usual course of things.In the process of studying pickup your personality is transformed into a new one, there is another world, other values ​​that makes your existing person comes face to face with a new one.

That is why many of those who decided to engage in a pickup truck, throw this thing half way because they do not see results, and defeated several attempts to test the material studied.

What should I do to pick earned

you have realized that you need to change yourself.But re-tune in a new way as soon as possible.This is all done gradually.

And above all, it will be necessary to clear your mind of various "trash»:

  • children's insults and injuries;
  • old beliefs;
  • past offenses (have a huge impact on your behavior and reactions to events at any time of life);
  • strict rules education.

We must move forward to achieve results.And staying in the past and keeping evil on others or for yourself, you will only aggravate their situation and certainly not achieve success in the development of a pickup truck.

When will be able to forget at least for part of the problems hindering you, you will be able to go beyond their usual behavior, and pickup techniques you will be directed in the right direction.

The second thing to understand is that you have to combine the two opposites.Everyone knows that girls love bad boys.And when the bad guys do not dispense with the girls as they would like, they run to the good guys for advice.So, you must be a middle ground.And the bad and good.In other words, you must learn how to behave in order to live happily to 100% and still be caring and considerate in relation to the girl, too, by 100%.This guarantees success.When you can combine it, she melted.

fact that women want from men?That he was confident, he knew what he wanted, he understood its importance in the world and was not a whiner, and at the same time it must be attentive, caring and loving.So, it should give it to them.And to adjust to a new way, it will take time, but it definitely will pay off!

elements of seduction system


Do not think that the appearance is not important.Be sure to take care of yourself.Well, you see, carelessly trimmed nails, odor and bags under the eyes play a role, even if the identity of your set correctly and in accordance with all the techniques and principles of the pickup.


The same can be said about the figure.The flabby belly, skinny biceps and hunched back and good impressions of the girl will not leave.Therefore, if you have not started to do in the gym or trenazherke jogging recorded!


Even if you like a girl looks at 100%, but your behavior would be contrary to its views on it, you will not work.

Principles pickup.How should we think

  1. Think positively.If you will think about the bad, it will come.And if you think that all is well and fine, so be it.Thoughts are material.
  2. Get feedback.In dealing with the feedback necessary to achieve the girl.This is evident not only in words, she says.Pay attention to non-verbal gestures that appear brighter than words.What-what she is dissatisfied, it can be silent, but facial expressions and gestures can be understood that the subject is not one, and immediately change the model behavior.
  3. Be sincere and open, show him the extent of his interest, and the girl will wake up similar feelings, and should be followed by love.

How to behave

compile information, you can draw the appropriate conclusions set out above on how to fall in love with any girl.

  1. Give myself up.
  2. Stylish Dress.
  3. Go to "hunt".
  4. Behave on the principle of "like-met."
  5. Do not forget to get your hands out of your pockets.
  6. To start a conversation with a girl, make her a compliment.
  7. not ask permission to meet.Be confident.
  8. When flirt, look directly into the eyes (to be eye contact, where your confidence is visible).
  9. Behave gallantly - girls like boys courteous.
  10. not be intrusive.

Meeting considered successful if your "goal" has accepted the invitation for a date, and you have a "pocket" was her phone number.

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