As revenge of the former ?

As revenge of the former ?

reasons and motives for revenge everyone has their own.Someone condemns someone supports.The Company does not approve of such an act.To carry out an act of retaliation, there are different ways.It all depends on your moral character, as well as the fact that you eventually want to get.So before you think about how to take revenge on the former, decide whether you need to tinker with it.All people break up, things do not always end well, sometimes there are misunderstandings and quarrels.But is it because of this revenge?Up to you.

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you cast, and you are now thinking how to take revenge on his ex?We offer several options, but it's better to think, and whether you need it before you use them.

minor mischief

  • You can use the Internet.Find more photos of ex-girlfriend.Carefully read her appearance and take a few of its flaws.Let her crooked nose.Now, every day send different messages to her e-mail.Embellish the message headers in the spirit: "You have the nose of the curve?Our clinic will help you! ".In the letter, describe clinical achievements.That she did not suspect anything, is recorded each time a new e-mail.
  • second way to take revenge on ex-girlfriend, suitable as a cardinal revenge.To do this, place all the dating sites on her profile showing her e-mail address and telephone number.Write that she agrees to all kinds of sex, pastime completely at her expense.A flurry of calls and bewilderment on the part of former lover guaranteed.
  • As revenge ex-girlfriend without the use of the Internet, relying only on themselves?To do this, you need to bring all their imagination.If she has a car and she leaves her in the yard, it is possible to puncture tires.You can throw the car valerian, then it oblyubuyut all the local cats.

It is understood that doing the usual spread of gossip, you denigrate yourself.So do not tell me everything that your ex-girlfriend - a log in bed, bitch and just a silly person.This is not revenge, and the usual malice.It put

If you work together, you will be easier to carry out an act of retaliation.To do this, think about how to substitute it and discredit in the eyes of his superiors.You may need to steal some documents, disrupt its work and so on.The main thing is to proceed with caution.

All of the above come up and as how to take revenge on his ex-wife.Each person can find the pain point, and already it starts to beat.For some, it's a family for someone's career.It is therefore not necessary to hurry up with the implementation of revenge.For a start it is important to find out all right, and only then to start a business.Only then can you enjoy the result of his vengeance.

But remember that revenge can turn against itself you, for the evil committed against other people, sooner or later comes back, why not better time to consider and implement revenge to spend on themselves and search for the one that you love?