How to find your favorite ?

How to find your favorite ?

Someone else did not find his one and someone is happiness has smiled, and now he often meets with your favorite work or study.Each meeting features, and regardless of whether you are in love or not, the advice in this article will be useful to you.

How and where you can meet the beloved

Public places

To understand how to find your favorite, you need to imagine what you would like it to be.On the basis of the qualities that you have defined for it, you need to think where she could walk a girl, what to do and how to get involved.For example, girls sports easiest to meet at the gym, romantic - in parks or book stores, and shopping malls, you'll find a shopping lovers.In any crowded places there are lots of single girls with certain qualities and interests, so the probability to meet someone quite high.


If you have no experience in online dating, probably you should try it.There is an opinion that the probability of dating sites to find the very not very large, but all rules there are exceptions.Be nice, kind and cheerful companion in the network, and then must come a time when relationship with a girl from a virtual move into real life.

nearest environment

Many of us have a huge number of friends with whom we once firmly communicated, but this communication was extinguished with time.Take a look at a list of your friends VKontakte write any old friend and talk to her.Because you know, it will be easier to determine the order, it is suitable to you as a girl or not.

Learn how to find your favorite, you can find out in another article on our website.

Now let's look at the most original options on how to meet his girlfriend after a holiday or a long working day.

As originally meet with your favorite work

To really impress your girl, I came home from work, just think about what would have delighted you are after a full day care.Cook her dinner, a bath and slippers, make cleaning and feed the cat - all this will be the best gift for girls tired.After all this, as the final chord you can make it a relaxing massage.

meets the girl of

holiday When the girl returned from vacation, necessarily, meet her right at the train station or airport.Come with flowers, give her some nice compliments about her appearance, carried her in his arms to the door of the house.Let the way you will encounter it, it will seem even more beautiful extension of her leave, than a journey in which she was.

And the most important - regardless of whether you have met your favorite for the first time, or it was more usual to have a meeting, be sure to tell her how much you missed her.